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Contact Info
512 SE 25th Ave
Pratt, KS 67124-8174
App Deadlines
April 30, 2022
Results Posted
2021: May 25
2020: May 21

2021 Non-Resident Fees

Applicants will have to front the tag fees, and, if unsuccessful, they will receive a refund for all but about $31 for the adult deer tag fee and about $25 for the youth deer tag.

*You must draw a whitetail tag before you can apply for a Mule Deer Stamp
Hunting License (adult, refundable)
Hunting License (youth under 16, refundable)
Whitetail Deer Tag (adult)
Whitetail Deer Tag (youth under 16)
Mule Deer Stamp (optional, must be drawn)
Antelope Tag (archery adult, over-the-counter)
Antelope Tag (archery youth, over-the-counter)
Preference Point Only (whitetail deer)