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HFA Assistant

We’re searching for an in-house, full-time assistant to the HFA Team to provide administrative support and help operate our Huntin’ Fool Adventures Booking Agency more efficiently.

This position requires that a candidate be a master multitasker with excellent communication skills and an upbeat attitude. Candidates should be able to assist management and all other team members of the company by handling office tasks; providing polite and professional assistance in person and via phone, mail, and email; making reservations and/or travel arrangements; and generally being a helpful and positive presence in the workplace. Candidates should be professional, polite, and attentive while also being accurate. Candidates should also be comfortable working with computers and general office tasks and excel at both verbal and written communication. Most importantly, this specific position requires a genuine desire to meet the needs of others, and candidates should always be prepared and responsive, willing to meet each challenge directly.

This position will require tasks such as answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, running errands, arranging travel, logging meeting minutes, preparing reports, keeping track of important paperwork, and assisting with other duties as needed. This job is never the same, comes with flexibility so long as the job gets done, and provides you with opportunities to truly get to know people. If that sounds like something you’d love, we want your application.