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Hunting Draw Cost Calculator

Huntin' Fool Draw Cost Calculator

If you want to start applying in multiple states, figuring out the costs to do so can be overwhelming. Each state is different as far as what fees are required when you apply versus what is required if you draw, what fees are refundable versus non-refundable, etc. Our Cost Calculator takes the guesswork out of it so you know exactly what to expect and can create an application strategy based on your budget.
This is what you’ll get with our FREE Cost Calculator:
  • Upfront State Fees - The state fees submitted at the time of application that include licenses and tag fees where required.
  • Non-Refundable State Fees - The total fees you will have paid after receiving any applicable refunds for unsuccessful applications.
  • Huntin’ Fool Service Fee - What it would cost to use our License Application Service to apply for you for the states and species selected.
  • Resident Fees - Each state has a Resident checkbox which will adjust the prices to reflect if you are applying as a resident in one of the states listed.
  • Youth Fees - There are checkboxes for youth with the appropriate age limits for each state which will adjust the prices to reflect the costs to apply a youth as some states offer price breaks.
  • Running Total - All the fees will be listed per state along with a running total on the side.
  • Emailed Summary - If you click the “Email” button on the top or bottom of the page, a PDF of the states and species you marked as well as the corresponding cost estimate will be emailed to you.
*The fees listed are based on current information and are subject to change as states release their regulations for the upcoming year. We will update the fees if/when the states make changes.
Please contact our team at
435-865-1020 with any questions regarding our License Application Service.


Arizona Deer

This was another great hunt thanks to Huntin' Fool. I have used your License Application Service for many years now and can say I have never been disappointed with the services and recommendations provided. I had a very enjoyable and successful deer hunt in Arizona.

— Don E.

Wyoming Rocky Mtn Sheep

I have been a member of Huntin' Fool for many years and have relied on the licensing service to help me apply for various tags in all of the Western states, as well as participating in many of the raffles. Winning the Wyoming super tag raffle for Bighorn sheep would not have happened had it not been for my connection with Huntin' Fool and their team of professionals! Many thanks to them for always keeping me on the front lines and applying me for the best tags in the country!

— Jeff C.

Arizona Desert Sheep

The Huntin' Fool License Application Service has been an awesome resource for me to apply and obtain those harder to get North American hunting tags. My business and busy schedule keeps me from having the time to research the best hunting areas. This service allows me to have the confidence that I am receiving the best hunting consulting available in the industry.  I would highly recommend Huntin' Fool for all your hunting application needs.

— Tony L.

New Mexico Mule Deer

I consider my relationship with Huntin’ Fool as important as my CPA or lawyer. My success and my family's success as hunters increasingly hinges on HF keeping our paperwork in order for each state, reminding me of important deadlines and to make informed decisions about what guides to choose for particular areas. They have delivered consistent draw results for my family three years in a row.

— Jeff K.