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ENTRY PERIOD: February 1, 2024 - April 2, 2024
DRAWING ON: April 5, 2024


2025 All-Inclusive British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt

$82,000 VALUE | 12 DAYS | AUG 13-24, 2025 | ANY WEAPON

This is a small family run operation with Huntin’ Fool Adventures Endorsed Outfitter HFA280 located in the remote, pristine mountains of Northern British Columbia. They only accept a limited number of hunters each year to ensure that top quality animals are harvested each season. The remote location of the hunting area guarantees that there is very little to no pressure from resident hunters. This, combined with the conservation and preservation of the high-quality animals roaming through the area, allows clients to have a highly successful, personalized once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience. This hunt is offered as either a horseback or backpack style hunt, depending on the client’s request. If the client hunts for the duration of their hunt and does not have an opportunity to harvest a legal Stone Sheep, the client can return and hunt again for a small fee. When a Sheep is harvested on the return hunt, there will be a small harvest fee due. If a client has an opportunity at harvesting a legal ram and unfortunately misses, this "return and hunt" policy does not apply. All charter flights, GST tax, and license fees are included with this hunt.

Winner is responsible for travel to Dease Lake, BC, Wildlife Preservation Fund Fee ($250), and gratuities

2024 Alaska Trophy Moose Hunt

$34,500 VALUE | 10 DAYS | AUG 31 - SEPT 10, 2024 | ANY WEAPON


If you have ever dreamt of taking a trophy Alaska/Yukon Moose, then you do not want to miss out on this hunt with HFA Endorsed Outfitter HFA002. This is a 1x1, 10-day remote fly-in hunt. It is a spot and stalk style from your remote tent camp on open ridges in Western Alaska. All bush flights in and out of the field along with all meals and lodging will be provided. The moose population in this area is over objective, and you can expect to see multiple bulls during the duration of the hunt. The outfitter and crew maintain a very high success rate on bulls in the 60-65”+ range! Membership Drive Hunt Winners have been 100% on this hunt in the past.

Winner is responsible for travel to Bethel, AK, Moose tag ($800), license fee ($160), and gratuities.

2025 Hosted Argentina Red Stag Hunt Package for 2

$20,000 VALUE | 5 DAYS | APR 2025 | ANY WEAPON

Join Huntin’ Fool on a hosted Argentina Red Stag hunt with HFA Endorsed Outfitter HFA251 with a $10,000 credit per hunter. This outfitter is well connected in the Patagonia region Argentina and has been providing quality hunts for many years. They have a large and healthy population of many big game species. The target will be for Red Stag with options of both free-range or an estate hunt for the winners. This hunt will take place in April of 2025 during the “Roar” season. Argentina is well known for being home to the largest “free-range” Red Stags in the world. The lodges come with luxury double rooms with private bathrooms, minibar, and all of the comforts of home. Either chef-prepared meals or homemade meals will be served four times a day. You will experience some of the traditional dishes and some of the best wines in the world that Argentina is famous for. Non-hunting guests can attend for $450 per day. The credit for this hosted hunt can be used towards the winner and companion's hunt package, any trophy fees, and/or travel expenses.

Winner is responsible for travel to La Pampa, Argentina (approx. $2,000 round trip), optional trophy fees, export fees, and gratuities.

2025 New Mexico Unit 36 Rifle Elk Hunt

$15,000 VALUE | 5 DAYS | OCT 2025 | RIFLE

Join HFA Endorsed Outfitter HFA091 in Southeast New Mexico in unit 36 for an action-packed rifle hunt. They hunt around the borders of one of New Mexico's famed Indian Reservations for some of the best Elk hunting found in the state. The area consistently produces bulls in the 280” to 320” class. As a 1 on 1 guided hunt, this outfitter has assured us that every client has the best hunt possible within their control. The elevations vary between 6,000 feet up to 11,000 feet, with a wide variety of cover from thick pinyon juniper and open meadows in the lower country to tall pine and aspen in the high country. This outfitter and crew of guides are believed to be second to none when it comes to knowing the country and where the Elk tend to frequent most. A unit 36 landowner voucher will be provided by the outfitter to the winner of this hunt.

Winner is responsible for travel to Southeast NM, license and tags fees ($852), 6.0% tax, and gratuities.

2024 Montana Private Land Mule Deer Hunt for 2

$15,000 VALUE | 5 DAYS | NOV 19-25, 2024 | RIFLE


Join HFA Endorsed Outfitter HFA138 for prime rut dates in 2024 on a 5-day, 2x1 high success Mule Deer hunt. They have exclusive hunting access on several private ranches in Central Montana with exceptional hunting. With years of responsible management, these animals are not only quality, they are in quantity. You will enjoy a great hunting experience on private land along with excellent accommodations and home-cooked food! The terrain in this area is made of mountains with broken timber, rolling sage flats, agriculture fields, timbered coulees, and grasslands. With vast, open country, you will spend a lot of time covering ground glassing for Deer. With proper management and a healthy population, hunters can expect to see multiple Deer each day. This is a great hunt for a chance at 150-170”+ type bucks. Past Membership Drive Hunt Winners have experienced 100% success on this hunt!

Winner is responsible for travel to Central MT, Deer combo license ($741.50 each), and gratuities.

2024 Utah Private Land Antelope Hunt for 2

$11,000 VALUE | 5 DAYS | SEPT/OCT 2024 | ANY WEAPON

Huntin’ Fool Adventures Endorsed Outfitter HFA081 has years of experience guiding hunters and has enjoyed sharing their knowledge with many clients over the years. They have maintained a high success rate and are willing to help their customers through every step of the process to ensure they will be satisfied with their hunting experience with them. This Antelope hunt takes place on their exclusive Utah CWMU with guaranteed tags. This CWMU is 35,000 acres and is known to produce Antelope in the 70-80” range. These any weapon hunts are 1x1, lasting for 5 days, and will include the services of a professional guide, meals, and comfortable ranch house lodging. This is a very easy hunt that can be enjoyed by all, including those with disabilities. Season dates run September 1-October 31.

Winner is responsible for travel to Central UT, tag and license fees ($491 each), and gratuities.

Gear Fool Swarovski Optik Package

$5,878 Value

Enhance your field experiences for years to come with this premier Swarovski Optik package from Gear Fool! When that hunt you've been waiting so long for finally comes along, depart the trailhead with confidence knowing you have some of the highest-quality optics available with you. Included in this prize is the Swarovski NL Pure 12x42 Binoculars and the Swarovski ATC 17-40x56 Spotting Scope. Desired by many and owned by few, say hello to the clearest glassing experience possible while locating the animals otherwise overlooked!


Membership Drives are only open to legal residents of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (U.S.), excluding Florida, New York and Washington and legal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.

MKC knives will be shipped approximately 1 week after the completion of the Early Spring Membership Drive.

What Are Membership Drives?

We recognize that true once-in-a-lifetime hunts are out of the price range for most hunters. That’s why we love making the most sought-after hunt opportunities a possibility through our Membership Drives. We purchase more than $600,000 worth of coveted hunts from the best outfitters in North America for species such as bighorn sheep, brown bear, moose, elk, deer, and more. Then, we provide an opportunity for our membership to participate in a drawing for these hunts by referring their friends and/or by purchasing additional chances. We love making hunters’ dreams come true on our draw dates for these incredible hunts!

Arctic Grizzly Bear

Much to my surprise, I won an Artic grizzly bear hunt when I signed up for Huntin' Fool and referred my son, who was standing next to me at SCI in Vegas. I can honestly say that this was one of the best hunts I have ever been on. I would like to thank Austin, Jerrod, Alaska Dall Sheep Guides, and Huntin’ Fool for an outstanding week of hunting.
—Craig S.

Alaska Dall Sheep

Had a great time with Litzen Guide Service. Mike runs a first class operation and would be my first choice on a return hunt in Alaska. The ram went 37.5" with 14.5" bases at 9 years old.  I couldn't be happier with the entire experience.
—BJ L.

Kansas Whitetail Deer

I was so surprised when Huntin’ Fool called to tell me I had won one of those seemingly impossible to win hunts in the Membership Drive. I had won the hunt from Kansas with Jerry Meacham at Caney Creek Outfitters. It was one of the greatest experiences that I could ask for. Thank you Jerry Meacham and Huntin’ Fool for providing me with a hunt that will always be in my best memories!
—Scott B.


Yukon Stone Sheep

I received a phone call from Huntin’ Fool telling me my $300 investment at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo had paid off in spades. I ended up taking a ram that was 14 years old, tying him with one other ram as the oldest that had been taken at Deuling Stone. Many thanks to Deuling Stone for memories-of-a-lifetime and Huntin’ Fool for this amazing opportunity.
—Jessica G.