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ENTRY PERIOD: December 1 - 29, 2023
DRAWING ON: January 3, 2024

2024 Alaska Trophy Moose Rut Hunt

$34,500 VALUE | 10 DAYS | SEPT 15-25, 2024 | ARCHERY

Outfitter HFA048 offers trophy Moose hunts in Western Alaska in an exclusive federal guide use area. This is a 10-day, boat-style hunt where you will stay at a main base camp with comfortable tents and be guided one-on-one. Each day, you will explore the area by boat, calling and glassing for rutting bulls. This is a 50”+ or 4 brow tine unit, with the average Moose harvested in the 55-65'' range with a chance at a monster. Moose in this area typically have large fronts and palmated brow tines. This outfitter is dedicated to providing once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunities through the quality care of their clients and Alaska’s resources. This hunt is located in a very remote area, which requires charter flights to get in and out of camp. Client will pay the charter service company directly. Charter flights will be coordinated with assistance from the outfitter. Huntin’ Fool will include a $6,000 travel voucher to the winner to help with added expenses.

Winner is responsible for travel to Fairbanks, AK, hunt license ($195), moose tag ($800), charter flights, and gratuities.

2025 Mexico Private Land Trophy Mule Deer Hunt for 2

$33,000 VALUE | 7 DAYS | JAN 2025 | RIFLE

Now is your chance to head south of the border to hunt big Desert Mule Deer bucks during the rut! This is a safe, solid, and seamless hunt for guys looking for quality Mule Deer in the 175-190”+ range. Outfitter HFA151 offers very limited Sunday to Sunday packages from Hermosillo, Mexico. They have a man on the ground for everything in Mexico, and they do their best to meet all clients face to face at the airport. They have almost 200,000 acres at their disposal, and they can line you out with the proper hunt you’re looking for. Clients will be staying in nice houses or cement block cabins, with power and running water and showers at all ranches. These hunts are primarily run with American guides who have a great deal of experience hunting Mule Deer. They have personally hunted or guided every one of these ranches, and the outfitter has stated that they will do their best to line you out for the hunt-of-a-lifetime, no matter if you want it to be a traditional Sonoran high rack hunt or a more western style spot and stalk and glass hunt. Coues deer can be added on as a trophy fee for $6,500.

Winner is responsible for travel to Hermosillo, MX, trophy export, and gratuities.

2024 New Mexico Unit 34 or 36 Late Season Private Land Elk Hunt

$13,500 VALUE | 5 DAYS | NOV/DEC 2024 | RIFLE

Gear up for an exciting late season Elk hunt in New Mexico with Endorsed Outfitter HFA151. They have exclusive hunting rights to multiple private ranches in both units 34 and 36. These ranches provide the Elk a landlocked sanctuary with year-round water sources as well as bordering the Mescalero Indian Reservation. With a long-term lease that enables careful bull management and limited hunting access, past clients have had great success with 310-330" bulls. This late season hunt makes this ranch an ideal choice for those with busy fall schedules. Accommodation is provided in a cozy cabin nestled in the heart of the ranch. Despite being off the grid, essential amenities such as a generator for power and solar-powered lights ensure a comfortable stay, while the propane heater creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to unwind after a thrilling day of hunting.

Winner is responsible for travel to Ruidoso, NM, hunt license ($65), Elk tag ($773), NM tax, and gratuities.

Gear Fool Ultralight Glassing Package

$2,600 VALUE

If you have dreamed of upgrading your lightweight glassing game but haven't known what to buy or where to get it, Gear Fool has you covered. This extremely efficient package comes with the new tripod from Tricer USA and includes the AD legs, LP pan head, and binocular adapter. At less than 2.5 lbs., it is sure to become your new favorite in the field. To top off your tripod, the new Razor HD 13-39x56 spotting scope from Vortex Optics and the staple Razor HD 10x42 binoculars will help you take a step up in your glass game in the backcountry this next season. Gear Fool, enhancing your experiences with quality, vetted gear.

Winner is responsible to glass for big bucks and bulls and enjoy their new glass!

Membership Drives are only open to legal residents of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (U.S.), excluding Florida, New York and Washington and legal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.

What Are Membership Drives?

We recognize that true once-in-a-lifetime hunts are out of the price range for most hunters. That’s why we love making the most sought-after hunt opportunities a possibility through our Membership Drives. We purchase more than $600,000 worth of coveted hunts from the best outfitters in North America for species such as bighorn sheep, brown bear, moose, elk, deer, and more. Then, we provide an opportunity for our membership to participate in a drawing for these hunts by referring their friends and/or by purchasing additional chances. We love making hunters’ dreams come true on our draw dates for these incredible hunts!

Arctic Grizzly Bear

Much to my surprise, I won an Artic grizzly bear hunt when I signed up for Huntin' Fool and referred my son, who was standing next to me at SCI in Vegas. I can honestly say that this was one of the best hunts I have ever been on. I would like to thank Austin, Jerrod, Alaska Dall Sheep Guides, and Huntin’ Fool for an outstanding week of hunting.
—Craig S.

Alaska Dall Sheep

Had a great time with Litzen Guide Service. Mike runs a first class operation and would be my first choice on a return hunt in Alaska. The ram went 37.5" with 14.5" bases at 9 years old.  I couldn't be happier with the entire experience.
—BJ L.

Kansas Whitetail Deer

I was so surprised when Huntin’ Fool called to tell me I had won one of those seemingly impossible to win hunts in the Membership Drive. I had won the hunt from Kansas with Jerry Meacham at Caney Creek Outfitters. It was one of the greatest experiences that I could ask for. Thank you Jerry Meacham and Huntin’ Fool for providing me with a hunt that will always be in my best memories!
—Scott B.


Yukon Stone Sheep

I received a phone call from Huntin’ Fool telling me my $300 investment at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo had paid off in spades. I ended up taking a ram that was 14 years old, tying him with one other ram as the oldest that had been taken at Deuling Stone. Many thanks to Deuling Stone for memories-of-a-lifetime and Huntin’ Fool for this amazing opportunity.
—Jessica G.