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Our monthly publication is your guide to planning and executing high-adventure hunts!

Huntin' Fool Magazine

Our members experience improved hunting opportunities as a direct result of the Huntin' Fool magazine. We are the only publication that breaks more than 20 states' hunting regulations and draw systems into bite-sized chunks for our members. Each month, you will receive in-depth state-by-state coverage on where to apply for big game hunts by species, weapon, and area. We also provide recommendations for top units, application strategies, explanations of regulation changes, draw results, odds, and more. You will also find valuable articles covering the latest news in the hunting industry, gear reviews, how-to’s, and success stories from our Hunt Advisors and members.

Our readers utilize this publication to plan all of their hunts and application strategies. Futhermore, as members of Huntin' Fool, our readers have direct phone and email access to the Hunt Advisors who do all of the research and writing for the magazine!

In addition to our print publication, we also produce an eMag version of our monthly publication, available to all Huntin’ Fool members. This is a word-for-word reproduction of our printed version, enhanced with rich media, such as videos, live web links, and more. Plus, the eMag is available up to two weeks before the print publication.

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Monthly Publication Topics

January Arizona (Elk & Antelope); Auctions & Raffles; & Wyoming (Sheep, Moose, Goat, Bison, & Elk)
February Oregon, Nevada Guide Draw, & New Mexico
March Colorado, Utah, Kentucky (Elk), Virginia (Elk), & Montana (Deer & Elk)
April Kansas, Maine, Idaho (Sheep, Moose, & Goat), Montana (Sheep, Moose, Mtn Goat, Bison, & Antelope), & Nevada
May California, Idaho (Elk, Deer, & Antelope), Iowa, New Hampshire, Washington (Sheep, Moose, & Mtn Goat), & Wyoming (Deer & Antelope)
June Arizona (Deer, Sheep, & Fall Bison), South Dakota, & Vermont
July Opportunity Hunts (AZ, CA, CO, UT) & Pennsylvania (Elk)
August Opportunity Hunts (ID, OR, NE, WA)
September Arizona (Spring Bison, Turkey, & Javelina) & Texas (Sheep)
October Wolf (ID, MT, WY)
November Species Strategies
December Alaska, Species Strategies, & License Application Quick Guide