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Member Draw or "Previous Tag Holder" List

When you finally draw that coveted tag, you want all the help you can get. Our Member Draw database contains nearly 25,000 Huntin' Fool members who have drawn great tags in the past and are willing to help you plan your hunt. This boots-on-the-ground database is perhaps one of the most valuable assets to the Huntin' Fool member.

Tags have been filled, lifelong hunting partnerships have been kindled, and memories have been made as a result of Huntin' Fool's unique ability to connect our members with other members who have hunted your unit in prior years.

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Hunters Helping Hunters

Our members who actively use the Member Draw list find that most hunters are eager to help each other out, especially on hard-to-draw tags. In fact, many of our members will share information on hunts that can be drawn every 2-3 years because they use each other as a scout on the off years when they aren't able to draw the tags. This symbiotic relationship is a great way to make the most of precious time in the field.

Boots on the Ground

No amount of E-Scouting or research can substitute for actual boots-on-the-ground experience. From camping spots to glassing points, having another hunter you can talk to who has hunted the unit in person is an invaluable asset to the pre-scouting process. We've had countless hunters tell us that someone they met through Member Draw made all the difference on their successful hunt.

Largest Database Available

Huntin' Fool has been in the business of helping hunters go on more hunts with better information for over 25 years. No other company has such a long and rich history of equipping hunters with the right information for their application and hunt strategies. Our Member Draw list is no exception. With more than 25,000 hunt records in our database, there's a good chance we can match you up with a member who's hunted the tag you've drawn.

Members Only

To preserve the integrity of the incredible resource, our Member Draw database is available exclusively to active Huntin' Fool members, and it is only available to members who have successfully drawn a tag. We keep this resource fresh by not wearing it out with prospecting calls and calls from non-members. We are committed to making this resource one of the most valuable tools we provide our members.
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