Application Deadlines

Application Deadline Schedule for 2019/2020

These are tentative dates for application deadlines and drawings. Exact dates will appear in each magazine issue and on each state's profile.

Don’t miss an application period! Deadlines come quickly, and managing applications for multiple states and species can be confusing and difficult. Call our License Application Department at 435-865-1020 and let us manage the application process for you.

Application Deadline State (Species) Month Covered in
Huntin' Fool
Website Bonus/Preference Points Drawing Month
Dec 15 South Dakota (Points Only) June Modified Preference N/A
Dec 16 Alaska Dec None February
Jan 31 Wyoming (Non-Resident Elk) Jan Preference February
Feb 11 Arizona (Elk & Antelope) Jan Bonus March
Feb 28 Wyoming (Sheep, Moose, Goat, & Bison) Jan Preference May
March 15 Montana (Elk & Deer) Feb Bonus/Preference April
March 19 Utah Feb Bonus/Preference May
March  New Mexico Feb None April
April  Colorado March Bonus/Preference May, June
April  Kansas (Deer) April Preference May
April  Nevada April Bonus May
April 30 Idaho (Sheep, Moose, & Goat) March None May
April  Kentucky (Elk) March None May
May 1 Montana (Sheep, Moose, Goat, & Bison) April Bonus June
May 15 Oregon March Preference for Elk, Deer, & Antelope June
May  Maine (Canadian Moose) April Bonus June
May  Washington May Bonus June
May 31 New Hampshire (Canadian Moose) May Bonus June
May 31 Wyoming (Deer & Antelope) May Preference June
June  Montana (Antelope) April Bonus July
June  California May Modified Preference June
June  Iowa (Deer) May Preference June
June 5 Idaho (Elk, Deer, & Antelope) May None July
June  Arizona (Sheep, Bison, & Deer) June Bonus July
June  South Dakota (Deer) June Modified Preference July
June Utah (Antlerless) June Bonus/Preference June
July Vermont (Canadian Moose) June Bonus July
July 31 Pennsylvania (Elk) July Bonus August
August  South Dakota (Antelope) June Modified Preference September
September  South Dakota (Bison) June Modified Preference October, November
September 30 Montana (Points Only) July Bonus/Preference N/A
October 13 Arizona (Bison & Javelina) Sept Bonus November
October 15 Texas (Desert Sheep) Sept Bonus November
October 31 Wyoming (Points Only) July Preference N/A