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About Huntin' Fool

For 25 years, Huntin’ Fool has provided members with the research and tools needed to obtain their dream hunts and just get out in the field more. Huntin’ Fool was established to cultivate a community of likeminded hunters who want to help each other. It is this community that sets Huntin’ Fool apart from other hunting resource companies. We run a member-focused frame of mind, wherein we are continually looking to update our current services and provide additional services to bolster our community. A passion for what we do fuels us forward to help members create cherished experiences.

Huntin’ Fool provides a very personalized service with resources ranging from consultations with Hunt Advisors to Endorsed Outfitter recommendations to Member Draw lists, allowing members who have drawn a specific tag in the past to offer advice to members who have drawn the same tag for the current season. We strive to be the go-to company for hunters ranging from beginner to seasoned as we help them acquire the best hunting opportunities, prepare for a successful outcome on those hunts, and then share them with likeminded Huntin’ Fools. Our personalized research makes it easier to navigate the complexities of state data trends regarding information like unit specific draw odds and harvest statistics.

Time is such a valuable resource; therefore, we strive to give our members a way to maximize their time. The research the Hunt Advisors do, culminating in state sections, phone calls, license application recommendations, etc., condenses the state information to make it easily accessible and readable to apply for and prepare for hunts. We provide this information to save our members countless hours of research. Consultations with the Hunt Advisors who actually researched and wrote the state sections and the Built to Hunt Podcast also offer valuable, time-saving information.

Whether a hunter is after a trophy animal or creating lasting memories in the field with their family, we are there to help get boots on the ground. The Huntin’ Fool Team consists of individuals who are passionate about seeing Huntin’ Fool members be successful in the draws and in the field. We celebrate the successes of our members and look forward to showcasing those successes through photos and stories published in our magazine, on our website, and on our social media platforms. A Huntin’ Fool Membership provides hunters with individualized assistance in addition to access to the countless hours of in-depth, in-the-field knowledge acquired by the Huntin’ Fool community each season. The strength of this community lies in communication and support. Huntin’ Fool exists to provide the services and resources necessary for hunters to reach their greatest potential and acquire and prepare for the hunts they would never before have dreamed of going on. Join Huntin’ Fool today to start your journey towards the hunts you desire.