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5000 W Carefree Highway
PO Box 74020
Phoenix, AZ 85087
ph 602-942-3000
App Deadlines
Spring Bison, Turkey, Javelina : Oct 12, 2021

Annual Schedule:
2nd Tues in February: Elk & Antelope
2nd Tues in June: Sheep, Bison, & Deer
2nd Tues in October: Bison, Javelina, & Turkey
Results Posted
Elk and Antelope -
2021 : March 20 (system delays)
2020 : March 5 (1:30pm MST)
2019 : March 8
2018 : March 8

Sheep, Bison, and Deer -
2021 : July 9 (10:46am MST)
2020 : July 2 (10:45am MST)
2019 : July 5
2018 : July 6

Bison, Javelina, & Turkey -
2021 : Early Nov
2020 : November 5 (10:45am MST)

2021 Non-Resident Fees

Up Front Non-Refundable Fees
Combo Hunting & Fishing License
Youth Combo Hunting & Fishing License (Ages 10-17)
Application Fee or Bonus Point Only Fee (per species)
PointGuard Option (per species)
Post Draw Fees (if successful)
Bighorn Sheep (Desert or Rocky)
Bison (Bull or Any)
Bison (Cow/Yearling)
Bison (yearling)
Elk (bull or cow)
Deer (mule or coues)
Deer (youth only)
Javelina (youth only)
Turkey (youth only)
Apply for the Draw Apply for the Draw
License Purchase Hunting License Purchase
Elk/Antelope Regulations 2021 Mid-Winter Regulations
Fall Regulations 2020-2021 Fall Regulations
Spring Regulations 2021 Spring Regulations
Results Draw Results
Odds Drawing Odds
State Agency Arizona Game and Fish Dept
Maps Hunt Unit Maps
Hunter Education for Extra Bonus Point Available Classes

2021 Dates  
Archery Deer Winter Jan 1 - Jan 31
Archery Deer Summer / Draw Aug 20 - Sept 9
Archery Deer December Dec 10 - Dec 31
Bull Elk Early Archery Sept 10 - Sept 23
Bull Elk Early Firearm Sept 24 - Sept 30
Bull Elk Late Archery Nov 5 - Nov 18 or Nov 12 - Nov 25
Bull Elk Late Rifle Nov 26 - Dec 2
2022 Dates  
Archery Deer Winter Jan 1 - Jan 31
Archery Deer Summer Aug 19 - Sept 8
Archery Deer December Dec 9 - Dec 31
Bull Elk Early Archery Sept 9 - Sept 22
Bull Elk Early Firearm Sept 23 - Sept 29
Bull Elk Late Archery Nov 4 - Nov 17 or Nov 11 - Nov 24
Bull Elk Late Rifle Nov 25 - Dec 1


More Info:Arizona Elk Hunting, Arizona Antelope Hunting

Arizona Big Game Hunting 2021

The Arizona 2020 hunting regulations and applications regarding elk and antelope are available to view and print online at The printed regulations should be available by mail the first week of January. Sheep and deer information will not be available until May and will be covered in our June issue. Spring bison applications and information will be available in August and will be covered in our September issue.

Arizona Big Game Applications:

To apply online, go to prior to the application deadline. Online applicants are charged the non-refundable application fee of $15 and the license fee, if they haven’t purchased one prior to applying. PointGuard may be purchased at the time of application for a $5 fee. Once the draw takes place, and if you are successfully drawn, the Department will charge the credit or debit card you have on file for the entire permit fee. If payment fails, the Department will not make any attempts to notify you that your payment has been declined. No exceptions will be made. Arizona does not have a phone application process.

Arizona Details of the Draw:

Non-residents are limited to up to (not a guaranteed) 10% of the elk and antelope tags for a given hunt code. Non-residents may only apply for hunts that have more than one tag available for any given hunt code. Non-residents are only eligible for 5% of the 20% quota in the max point draw. The other 5% of the 10% non-resident quota will be available in the random draw. Your first two application choices are considered before the next application is drawn. Your third, fourth, and fifth choices will only be considered if there are leftover tags. This will not happen for the trophy units. Bonus points will be purged if any of the five choices are drawn. Groups of up to four hunters may apply together for elk or antelope. Bonus points will be averaged and rounded to the nearest whole number (rounded up if greater than or equal to 0.5). Group applications will be awarded tags if they draw and there are a sufficient number of tags for everyone in the party. There are no waiting periods after being drawn for elk or antelope permits. Check Arizona’s website or call 602-942-3000 for draw results.


Online applications can be paid for with Visa or MasterCard only. There is a $15 non-refundable application fee that is collected for each species when applying in Arizona. The non-refundable fee of $15 is also charged when only applying for a bonus point. A combination hunting license is required for non-residents to apply for big game hunts, and it is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Enrollment in the PointGuard option costs an additional $5 per species.

Hunter Requirements:

No one under the age of 14 may hunt big game in Arizona without having completed a hunter education course. Arizona does not require hunter orange clothing to be worn while hunting big game.

Age Restrictions:

No one under the age of 10 may hunt big game in Arizona. Youth are eligible to apply for a tag if they have completed a hunter education course and are at least 10 years old at the start of the hunt. They may apply for bonus points if they are 10 years old by the application deadline.

Arizona Big Game Point Structure:

Arizona has a bonus point system where applicants who apply and are unsuccessful in drawing a tag will obtain another bonus point for the following year’s draw. Arizona also offers a permanent bonus point that is applied to all species. This permanent bonus point can only be obtained by traveling to Arizona and taking their on-site, one-day hunter education course. Applicants who have submitted a valid application for a species every year for five consecutive years will automatically be awarded another point (a loyalty point) in addition to the points they have already accumulated. Points are species specific and cannot be transferred to another species or applicant. For every point accumulated, applicants will have an additional chance in the drawing for that species. If a hunter fails to apply for five consecutive years for a particular species, bonus points for that species will be purged. If a hunter draws any of the five choices on the application, bonus points will be purged for that species.

Applicants may apply for points only and will be guaranteed not to draw but will obtain a bonus point. Applicants who want to apply for points only are required to buy a $160 license and pay the $15 application fee per species.

Arizona Big Game Draw Odds:

The fifth column in the hunt tables represents the minimum number of points needed to be considered in the bonus pass. Not all applicants with the amount of points listed drew a tag, but they were eligible in the bonus pass. We have listed the minimum number of points needed for residents as well as non-residents for the elk draw. The “Simple Draw Odds” listed in the tables are not the true draw odds. The odds we list are the number of first and second choice applicants minus the second choice applicants who drew their first choice divided by the number of tags available in the random draw. It does not take into account the non-resident quota as we are all in the same draw pool until non-residents reach their quota, after which, non-residents cannot draw. It should give you an idea of how much demand there is for one unit versus another.

Youth Information:

Arizona has created a youth hunter program. The hunting/fishing license cost for youth hunters under 18 years of age is $5. Only youth between the ages of 10 and 17 may apply for Arizona’s juniors-only hunts. The juniors-only elk tags will be for antlerless elk only and cost $50. All bull elk hunts will be at the regular non-resident fee. There are no juniors-only antelope permits for 2020. Arizona will allow a parent, grandparent, or guardian to whom a big game hunt tag is issued to transfer the tag to a minor child who is 10-17 years old on the date of the transfer. The minor child must have a valid youth combination hunting and fishing license on the date of the transfer, and, if they are younger than 14 years old, they must have completed a Department-approved hunter education course by the beginning of the hunt.

Arizona Weapon Restrictions:

Arizona places very few restrictions on muzzleloaders. Scopes of any magnification are legal as well as muzzleloading rifles with any type of ignition firing any type of projectile. Crossbows are not legal during the archery seasons in Arizona. Bows must have a standard pull of 30 pounds or more using arrows with broadheads no less than 7/8 inches in width with metal cutting edges.

Other Tag Opportunities in Arizona:

Following the main drawing, any remaining permits available for elk and antelope will be available to residents and non-residents on a first-come, first-served basis. These permits are referred to as first-come permits. Applications will be accepted by mail on or after 8 a.m. MST on March 23, 2020. A list of leftover permits is available online at under “Big Game Draw” or at any Department office. Arizona does not have a landowner tag system. They offer one raffle tag for each of the big game species within the state. The lucky winner of each of the big game Super Raffle tags will be permitted to hunt for 365 days beginning August 15, 2020. All public land within all game management units will be open to hunt. Prices range from $5 to $25, depending on the species, and non-residents can participate.


Applicants will have their permits and/or any refunds mailed out by April 3, 2020. Arizona no longer offers a correction period. You can update your credit card information until 11:59 p.m. (Arizona Time) on February 27, 2020.

Arizona allows applicants with a valid AZGFD Portal account who pay the $5 PointGuard fee to surrender their tag one time only per bonus point period per species for any reason 24 hours prior to the opening day of the hunt. Applicants are required to surrender the permit along with a completed Tag Surrender Application Form to AZGFD. All bonus points will be reinstated plus applicants gain a point for that year’s application. Applicants will forfeit tag fees associated with the tag. If the applicant chooses to surrender their tag, they will not be eligible for the PointGuard program again for that species until their bonus points for that species have been purged. Only online applicants are eligible for the PointGuard program. Applicants can choose to be enrolled in the PointGuard program for each individual species during the online application process for a $5 non-refundable fee per species.

Arizona will allow a parent, grandparent, or guardian to whom a big game hunt tag is issued to transfer the tag to a minor child who is 10-17 years old on the date of the transfer. The minor child must have a valid youth combination hunting and fishing license on the date of the transfer, and, if they are younger than 14 years old, they must have completed a Department-approved hunter education course by the beginning of the hunt. Arizona will also allow a person to transfer their tag to a non-profit organization that provides opportunities and experiences to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Harvest Reporting:

All elk and antelope harvest reporting in Arizona is voluntary. We strongly encourage all hunters to complete their hunt survey to help with accurate harvest data.


Arizona works with different ranches throughout the state to secure private land for public use. Most of these ranches allow access through a sign-in box at the gate, but more information on which units and ranches have private land that is accessible by the public can be found at

Wolf Updates:

Arizona has a growing population of Mexican gray wolves in the eastern portion of the state. The Mexican gray wolf population is starting to increase more rapidly, and they are becoming a problem in isolated areas along the New Mexico border. Additional information can be found at as well as subscribing to AZGFD’s Mexican Wolf Update email.

Pro Tips from the License Application Department

  • We recommend that you sign up for an online Portal Account and purchase PointGuard for each species you are applying for. This will save your points if you draw a tag and can’t go on the hunt.
  • Make sure the credit card you use to apply is valid and has enough room for the tag fees. Arizona does not call successful applicants if your credit card declines. If your card changes after you apply, you can update it online until February 27th.
  • Make sure you’re building points for your kids in Arizona. The youth license is only $5, and they will need points if they ever want to draw a tag. Youth can apply at 10 years old.
  • You must have a valid hunting license on the day of the application deadline. If your license is expired, your application will be rejected.
  • Be careful when applying for elk and make sure of the season dates for the hunt in which you applied. Every year, applicants apply for what they think are September archery or rifle hunts only to realize after the draw they had applied for late season November hunts.