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Huntin' Fool Magazine

Our members experience improved hunting opportunities as a direct result of the Huntin' Fool magazine. We are the only publication that breaks more than 20 states' hunting regulations and draw systems into bite-sized chunks for our members. Each month, you will receive in-depth state-by-state coverage on where to apply for big game hunts by species, weapon, and area. We also provide recommendations for top units, application strategies, explanations of regulation changes, draw results, odds, and more. You will also find valuable articles covering the latest news in the hunting industry, gear reviews, how-to’s, and success stories from our Hunt Advisors and members.

Our readers utilize this publication to plan all of their hunts and application strategies. All member types have exclusive access to the eMag version of our monthly publication, which is a word-for-word reproduction of our printed version. This online version is enhanced with rich media, such as videos, live web links, and more. Plus, the eMag is available up to two weeks before the print publication.

Our All-Access and Printed Membership types also include a printed hard copy of our beautiful, coffee table-worthy monthly publication.


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State hunting regulations are complicated, and terminology varies greatly from state to state. That's why we repurpose each state's regulations into easily understandable language that is standardized across the pages of your Huntin' Fool publication. We condense hundreds of pages of state regulations into bite-sized portions of the most important information that our readers need to acquire the hunts they desire.



The Huntin' Fool magazine is as close to a real-time publication as we can get. We operate on this schedule in order to present our members with the most current opportunities and information that each state has to offer. From December through June of each year, each issue of our magazine features states whose application periods are either open or imminent so that you have a real-time guide to assist you in your application strategies. From July through November, we focus on what we call Opportunity Hunts, which is a term we use to describe tags or permits that are easy to obtain. In short, our publication is dedicated to getting you into the field with the most current and relevant information available at all times.



Our state hunting research sections, product reviews, and how-to articles are written by our in-house team of Hunt Advisors. The fact that we don't outsource these critical portions of our magazine enables us to hold each other accountable as a team to ensure that we are providing our members with the most accurate information available anywhere. This is also a crtical component of our Hunt Consulting service that is available exclusively to our All-Access and One-on-One members who can call or email in and get answers straight from the writers themselves.


We take pride in the fact that the vast majority of our hunting stories are written by our members and not by professional freelance writers. Our members' adventures take them all over the globe, and we're happy to share those adventures in the pages of the Huntin' Fool magazine. Through partnerships with some of the best outdoor brands in the business, we provide incredible prize packages to those whose stories are selected as cover prizes, printed stories, and even for our Trophy Room.


Comprehensive Hunt Research

For more than 25 years, Huntin' Fool has been packing our pages with the most in-depth hunting research available. Our research is a combination of data provided by the states themselves, wildlife biologists, boots-on-the-ground experience from our Hunt Advisors and our members, and our unprecedented network of guides and outfitters. We've found that the 500+ outfitters we work with are able to provide the most relevant and current hunting information of any source due to the quantity of days they spend in the field each fall. We condense all of this research into easily digestedable tables and text that leaves our readers informed on everything from public access to trophy potential, terrain descriptions, and more.

Gear Reviews

We have the luxury of spending more days in the field each year than most of our members' time will allow. Every trip into the woods provides us an opportunity to test the latest and greatest gear and share our experiences with our members through the pages of the magazine. Unlike other publications that rely on advertising dollars as their primary source of revenue, our advertising revenue doesn't even pay for the annual cost to print and distribute our magazine. As a result, we can afford to tell the truth about the gear we test and provide authentic reviews about our experiences with the products we test.

Application Strategies

Hunting out of state can be expensive, and oftentimes, there are long-term investments in applications that have taken place before the hunt itself. We strive to help our members identify their goals and invest their money wisely in the pursuit of those goals. Every one of our state sections begins with a fee table that summarizes the costs of applying and hunting in each state so that our members can use our pages as a guideline for their application strategies each year. Furthermore, we provide our personal advice in the summary pages for each species on whether or not it's a good investment to apply or not.

Hunt Stories

No hunting publication is complete without stories of the hunts themselves. Thankfully, our membership represents the most die-hard, committed hunting population in the world. The stories submitted by our membership proves this each and every year as we see stories of hardship, success, and passion. Our members' stories comprise a significant portion of the 1,500+ pages of content that we publish. We're eager to see and hear those stories first-hand here in the office, and we're equally excited to share them with our membership of true "Huntin' Fools!"

Monthly Topics

January Arizona (Elk & Antelope); Governor, Commissioner, & Conservation Tags; Raffle Tags, Reservation Hunting; & Wyoming (Sheep, Moose, Goat, Bison, & Elk)
February Oregon, Nevada Guide Draw, & New Mexico
March Colorado, Idaho (Sheep, Moose, & Goat), Kentucky (Elk), Montana (Deer & Elk), & Utah
April Idaho (Sheep, Moose, & Goat), Kansas, Maine, Montana (Sheep, Moose, Mtn Goat, Bison, & Antelope), & Nevada
May California, Idaho (Elk, Deer, & Antelope), Iowa, New Hampshire, Washington (Sheep, Moose, & Mtn Goat), & Wyoming (Deer & Antelope)
June Arizona (Deer, Sheep, & Fall Bison), South Dakota, & Vermont
July Opportunity Hunts (AZ, CA, CO, UT) & Pennsylvania (Elk)
August Opportunity Hunts (ID, OR, NE, WA)
September Arizona (Spring Bison, Turkey, & Javelina) & Texas (Sheep)
October Wolf (ID, MT, WY)
November Species Strategies
December Alaska, Species Strategies, & License Application Quick Guide