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We are your guide to western big game hunting and provide the finest Hunter Services Program in the world. Our service is geared to those who would like to seriously hunt big game in more than one state. We are an essential resource for any non-resident hunter or anyone looking for trophy quality animals.

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The Advisors Series

THE ADVISORS: Chasing Chocolate

Hunt Advisor Isaiah Joner joins friend and co-founder of MTN OPS Casey Harbertson on a Montana bear hunt. Weather is temperamental and the bugs are atrocious, but after passing multiple nice black bears, Casey finally finds the big ol' chocolate boar he came for.

Five days later, after the camera guy gave up, Isaiah and his friend both find beautiful mature black bears as well.


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Hunt Advisor Robert Hanneman, and his son Connor head to Southern Arizona to chase one of the most coveted species in the US. Connor's grandfather drew a Desert Sheep tag, and passed it down through Arizona's Youth Hunter Transfer program to Connor. We found some great sheep on the first day, and it turned into an amazing hunt!

Guide's Life Part 1 | Right Place Right Time (Dall Sheep)

Austin Atkinson returns to the Last Frontier to guide dall sheep for his 10th consecutive year. Thanks to capable hunters, good weather, and thorough scouting, all four hunters tagged out on opening day! Follow Austin and Scott on a dream hunt through the beauty of these remote mountains.

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We are your guide to western big game hunting and provide the finest Hunter Services Program in the world. Our service is geared to those who would like to seriously hunt big game in more than one state. We are an essential resource for any non-resident hunter or anyone looking for trophy quality animals. Visit for more information.

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Advisor Insights

2020 Hunting Packs

We took six of the Huntin' Fool Advisors, and paired them with 6 of the more popular hunting packs on the market. Each pack was loaded with 50lbs of salt, set on the backs of every advisor and carried over rough terrain. In this video they go over what they like about each pack, and what could use some improvement. We couldn't cover everything in this video, so if you're interested in one of the packs go checkout our individual pack breakdown video, where we go over individual features and functions.

5 Steps to E-Scouting

Jerrod Lile has been successfully hunting archery elk for years. In this video he walks you through his E-scouting methods, using the Huntin' Fool map, Google Earth, and local state data. He covers his 5 basic steps to making a fool-proof hunt plan, that keeps you in the game even when things don't go as planned.

Mathews Vertix Review, First Shots and Setup | ADVISOR INSIGHTS with Jerrod Lile

Jerrod Lile sets up and shoots the new Vertix bow from Mathews. This bow is shorter than what he often shoots, but there's no doubt it will make a deadly weapon in tight quarters.

Endorsed Products

Vortex Fury 5000

Austin at the Vortex Optics booth to see the new Fury 5000 rangefinding binoculars from

HF Review: Crispi Nevada CTX Boots

See what Austin thinks about his Crispi Nevada boots after a busy fall season.

Red Rock Precision Long Range Shooting System

Red Rock Precision Long Range Shooting System

You may need this on your hunt-of-a-lifetime!

Team HF Hunt Videos

Alaska Muskox Hunt

Journey to NUNIVAK ISLAND with Austin & Mitch Atkinson for a once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip for Muskox. This self-guided hunt was a long-time dream of Mitch for him to experience with his son Austin. Transported by Abe David in unit 18 off the coast of western Alaska, Austin finds success with his Mathews Triax bow on a great bull! Austin's Bull Muskox officially scored 109 6/8" net B&C and P&Y and is in the top 12 ever killed in Alaska.

Austin's ID Rocky Sheep

Join Austin Atkinson on his once-in-a-lifetime draw tag for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the rugged mountains of Idaho. Follow Austin on Instagram @AAAOutdoors and at

Austin's AK Dall Sheep

August the 14th : Austin's Alaska Dall Sheep Austin A Atkinson. Filming your own hunts can be tough! Join guides Austin Atkinson and Tyler Mahoney as they harvest a beautiful 37.5" Dall Sheep in Alaska. After helping on over 20 dall hunts, Austin gets to carry the Red Rock rifle on this once-in-a-lifetime hunt!

Huntin' Fool TV

New Mexico Desert Binghorn Sheep Hunt with 10 year old Hayden Casson

Join the Casson family as they hunt Desert bighorn sheep in New Mexico. Find more hunts and draw more tags with a membership.

Huntin' Fool TV Season 01 Episode 10 - Utah Newfoundland California Bighorn

Follow Tim Fisk as he pursues California Bighorn Sheep in Northwestern Utah

Huntin' Fool TV Season 01 Episode 11 - New Zealand Part 1

Huntin' Fool Reports

Inside the Draw: Idaho Bighorn Sheep Odds

Watch as Austin shows you how the non-resident draw works for the Idaho bighorn sheep draw. The deadline to apply is April 30th! More info at

Arizona Draw Explained: Part 2, Mule Deer

Find out what you need to know regarding the 2016 Arizona deer draw from Huntin' Fool.

Inside the Draw: How to Apply for Arizona Bighorn Sheep

Hunt Giveaways

Why Membership Drive Giveaways? | Inside Huntin' Fool

Find out more about the membership drive? Participate now at

How to Win a Dream Hunt | Inside Huntin' Fool

How can I win my dream hunt? Is the drawing really worth it? Find out more from

Membership Drive Winner: Tim Ross, Alaska Dall Sheep

Membership Drive Winner: Tim Ross, Alaska Dall Sheep

Member Tim Ross won a great Alaska dDll sheep hunt from one of our previous Membership Drives. Tim had a great shot on a big ram. Read about Tim's hunt in our July 2014 issue. Congrats on winning the hunt and taking home a beautiful trophy. Find out how you can win one of these great hunts at

Member Hunt Videos

Huntin' Fool Member Brian Shaub: Alaska Brown Bear

On a recent trip to Alaska, Huntin' Fool member Brian Shaub captured this great footage of a monster brown bear after a fishing trip. Brian doesn't take this bear, but it's an amazing example of the animals in Alaska. Read the complete story of this hunt in our November 2014 issue. Find out how you can access hunts like this at

Brad Bartlett, Dall Sheep

Watch the Huntin' Fool Membership Drive winner Brad Bartlett hunt Dall sheep in the Brooks Range of Alaska with outfitter Henry Tiffany.

Kalen Joost with Arizona Strip Guides. Arizona 260" Mule Deer

This was the January 2014 cover story in the Huntin' Fool magazine. Member Kalen Joost takes a 260" mule deer during a dream hunt on the Arizona Strip. Find out how Huntin' Fool can help you get tags for your dream hunt at: