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Precise Draw Odds

It's no secret that tags are becoming harder to draw. That's why it's critical to understand your draw odds when you're planning your future hunts. Huntin' Fool's draw odds calculator is arguably the most advanced in the industry. For states that have point systems, you can even plug in your personal point level and see yourself more accurately in the draw odds.

Search by State & Species

Our draw odds are sorted by state and species so that you can quickly access the odds you're looking for.

Search by Season & Weapon Type

We break our draw odds out into seasons and weapon types so that you don't have to sort through data that's irrelevant to you. Our format is designed to get you the results you're looking for as quickly as possible.

Search by Points

This feature is one of the most important components of our draw odds tool. For states that have bonus point systems, it's imperative to factor in ALL point holders at their point levels in order to get accurate odds. This is even more important in states like Nevada and Montana where they mathematically square your bonus points as you enter the draw. By obtaining complete draw data sets from the states and factoring in all applicant choices in the draw, we make it possible for you to enter your personal point total to get personalized draw odds when you're evaluating potential hunts to apply for.

1000s of Simulations

With few exceptions, draw odds are incredibly tough to analyze due to complex point systems and the way tags are allocated. Some states mathematically square applicant bonus points, and some states consider multiple choices before moving on to the next applicant. In these systems, simple draw odds become useless measurement tools. That's why our draw odds are calculated on full-data sets from the state that are then run through thousands of draw simulations that consider all point levels and multiple choices soour members have data they can rely on.

Complete Data Sets

For states that have point systems, it is impossible to accurately create draw odds without factoring in complete application data from the state. This data is not readily available, or easy to acquire, but it's critical to creating meaningful draw odds. Our draw odds are created with complete data sets that show every applicant at every point level with every hunt code that each applicant applied for. Hunt planning is becoming more challenging each year and we believe that guessing at draw odds shouldn't add to the problem.


In our opinion, the most important function of draw odds is the ability to see yourself in the draw and understand the relative probability of drawing a tag. Our draw odds calculator takes that to the next level by allowing our members to plug their personal point level into the calculator so that mathematical functions like squared bonus points are factored into the results. The ability to personalize your draw odds is yet another reason that Huntin' Fool's data helps take more of the guesswork out of planning your application strategy each year.


If we sound redundant about the importance of accuracy when it comes to draw odds, it's because accuracy is in Huntin' Fool's DNA. We go through great lengths to ensure that every piece of information we share with our community is data our members can rely on. Our draw odds are no different. We make a substantial investment in our draw odds each year so that you can count on them as you daydream about the hunts you're planning to draw in the future.