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Huntin' Fool Mapping Platform

Huntin' Fool is excited to have launched our new 3D mapping platform in 2020. The mapping platform is full of tools, data, analytics, and much more. It's the ultimate E-Scouting platform each hunter or outdoor enthusiast should have. E-Scouting is virtually a new term used widely in the digital planning space. Digital maps have increased in popularity over the past handful of years. 

Huntin' Fool's Map is unique because it not only provides landowner data, 3D terrain, fire history, and more, but it also integrates our proprietary hunt data for hundreds of units and species. Our platform allows you to take E-Scouting to the next level.


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3D E-Scouting

3D mapping is as close to putting real boots on the ground as you can get. The ability to tilt, pan, rotate, and zoom into the terrain enables you to virtually visit the locations you plan to hunt long before you get there. Our map uses state of the art 3D elevation and terrain data that transports you to the tallest of peaks from the comfort of your couch.

Waypoint Management

Adding waypoints to a map is not a new concept. However, the ability to organize them in a way that is intuitive and easy to retrieve has been "wishful thinking" until now. Our map provides all of the traditional waypoint tools in a folder-based system that gives our users the ability to customize how they mark up their hunt plans. Once folders are created, the visibility of the waypoints can be turned off and on at the folder level, reducing waypoint clutter and improving the E-Scouting experience.

Hunt Filters

Our mapping goal is to create the ultimate one-stop-shop E-Scouting platform. In order to do so, it's imperative to combine your mapping experience with the most current and comprehensive hunting research available. With our map-based filter system, you can filter your hunt preferences by species, weapon type, season dates, trophy potential, and more. Once you set the filters, you'll access Huntin' Fool's proprietary research data right in your E-Scouting platform. No other hunt planning platform combines 3-D mapping and waypoint management with 25+ years of experience in hunt research and consultations.

Customizable Layers

Our mapping platform provides all the layers you will need to plan the hunt-of-a-lifetime. From landownership to fire history to topographical overlays, we provide it all. However, we didn't stop there. We elected to enable our users to adjust the opacity of each layer so that the terrain and vegetation could still be seen through the layers. We've also provided the ability to sort fires by the year they occurred. Perhaps most important of all, our users can turn on hunt unit boundaries by species and state to avoid unnecessary distractions on the map.

Topographical Basemaps

Boundary Data

Map Navigation & Commands

Hunt Unit Boundaries

National Forest Roads & Trails

Waypoint Creation & Management

Other Mapping Options That Compliment the Huntin' Fool Mapping Platform

If you have a GPS or smartphone, you need to purchase a Premium GPS chip or subscription to onX Hunt. We recommend this for in-the-field scouting and use during your hunt. Enter the promo code HF20 at checkout to save 20% on the new Elite Membership.

For Arizona only hunts, we recommend purchasing the printed and/or digital version of Flatline Maps. See which units are available at

Karta Maps
 allows you to create a totally customized printed map for your area of interest, and they print and deliver via free priority service to your door or device. Their map builder website lets you choose from a library of base map styles (Aerial Imagery, Topography, Land Status, USGS, USFS, and Canada) and then add overlays like game unit borders, navigation grids, labels, markers, and more! You can have it printed on waterproof fabric, standard synthetic, dry erase vinyl, or magnetic materials. Create your unique map at Karta. Huntin' Fool members can use code HUNTINFOOL for an exclusive discount!