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Nevada Elk Hunting


Nevada Elk Hunting 2023

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Nevada is always one of the top states in the West for producing big bulls. Every year, there are a handful of 380-400" bulls harvested in the state. Not every unit is producing 350" bulls, but almost every unit has the potential to do so. The winter is putting a lot of moisture on the ground, so the feed should be great and bulls should be near their full potential for antler growth. If you are sitting on a bunch of points, it may be worth getting aggressive in your application strategy to try to put a tag in your pocket for 2023.

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Nevada Elk Season Dates

A change for 2023 is that the early September rifle elk hunt in unit 161-164, 171-173 is going back to a rotation to give muzzleloader and archery hunters a chance to experience the rut fest that happens on Table Mountain in unit 162. For 2023 and 2024, the archery hunt will take place September 17-30. For 2025 and 2026, the muzzleloader hunt will take place on those same September dates. Then in 2027 and 2028, it will rotate back to the early rifle hunt for the September hunt. No matter what weapon you have, there will always be 350-370"+ bulls available on that September hunt. Another change is that the rifle hunt in unit 131 was split into two different seasons similar to most of the other late rifle seasons in the state.

The archery hunt is typically the best time to put your tag on a giant bull. Nearly every unit in Nevada can produce a 350" bull on the archery hunt. Most archery hunts in Nevada run August 25-September 16, which doesn’t sound that great for the rut, but elk tend to rut earlier here than other states, and these are great rut hunts for mature bulls during September. Units 061 and 062 can be tough without the aid of the rut as these seasons take place August 16-31.

For specific units and dates, check the regulations.

The muzzleloader hunts follow the archery hunts. Four of the muzzleloader hunts will take place during some phase of the rut. Those units are 061, 062, 072, and 078. The rest of the muzzleloader hunts are going to start October 22nd. Most of the mature bulls have pulled off the cows and can be difficult to find as they are not moving much at all. Most units have two rifle hunts that run in November and into December, which can make for some cold weather hunting. These rifle hunts can be physically demanding as none of the bulls are in easy spots and have been pushed around and up higher on the mountains from preceding elk and deer hunts.

Nevada Elk Draw

Nevada is one of the top elk states in the West, but it comes with very steep draw odds. Anyone who wants a big bull should be applying for elk here, and if you are already applying for other species, it is an absolute must as it is only another $19 application fee. The one thing we emphasize is that you need to be applying in the draw rather than applying for points since Nevada does not have a preference draw and these tags are so difficult to draw.

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Nevada elk tags are difficult to draw, and most non-resident hunters will get one Nevada elk tag in their lifetime, if they are lucky. It is a good idea to go with an outfitter if you don’t have the time and/or friends to help you have a good self guided hunt. If you draw a tag and want to talk about doing the hunt yourself or want help choosing an outfitter, give us a call. We work with the best elk outfitters in Nevada. A lot of Huntin’ Fool Endorsed Outfitters are averaging over 350"+ on all of their hunts in the better units.

Self-Guided, DIY Nevada Elk Hunts

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Private Land, Semi-Guided, and Guided Elk Hunts in Nevada

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Nevada Elk Application Deadline

The Nevada application deadline is May 10, 2023 at 11:00 p.m. (PDT).

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Up-Front Fees
Hunt/Fish Combo License (365-day license) $156
Youth Hunt/Fish Combo License (365-day license) $16
Application Fee (elk) $19
Silver State Tag Application Fee (elk) $29
PIW Application Fee $11
Bonus Point Only Fee $11
Post Draw Fees (if successful)
Elk (bull) $1,201
Elk (antlerless) $501


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