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2017 Giveaway Winners


Prize Winner
Platinum #1 British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt Scott B., WA
Platinum #2 Utah Trophy Bull Elk Hunt Keith G., CA
Platinum #3 Alaska Bull Moose Hunt Russ W., CO
Platinum #4 Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt Brad L., MN
Platinum #5 Wyoming Commissioner's Elk Hunt Terry T., MD
Platinum #6 Nevada unit 132, 221 Mule Deer Hunt Larry K., CA
Platinum #7 Alaska Kodiak Brown Bear Hunt Jim M., CO
Platinum #8 Sonora Mexico Mule Deer Hunt Ken H., NE
Platinum #9 Canada Barren-Ground Muskox Hunt Alan F., IA
Gold #1 Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt Mark F., CO
Gold #2 New Mexico Rifle Bull Elk Hunt Robert N., MN
Gold #3 British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt Ron M., IN
Gold #4 Colorado Bull Elk for 2 Hunters Jon W., OK
Gold #5 Montana Mule Deer for 2 Hunters Ronald P., NV
Gold #6 Montana Bison Hunt Kenneth C., GA
Gold #7 Montana Black Bear for 2 Hunters Charles G., OR
Gold #8 Alaska Guided Wolf Hunt Keri W., NE
Gold #9 Sonora Mexico Coues Deer Hunt James R., AZ
Gold #10 Colorado Antelope for 2 Hunters Gregory J., CO
Gold #11 Red Rock Precision P2PXAA Rifle Jim L., UT
Gold #12 Best of the West Hunter Elite Rifle Billy S., SD
Gold #13 Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunt Donald B., MO
Gold #14 Montana Doggin' for Coyotes for 2 Hunters Jeff D., IA
KUIU Gear Package Greg W., OR
First Lite Gear Package Ronnie H., MS
Sitka Gear Package Rick K., WA

Winter Membership Drive Winners

Early Bird - Ultimate Hunting Package Davis A, AK
Chevy Colorado Truck, NV Deer Tag, & Long-Range Rifle Lloyd C., AK
Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt with Dueling Stone Outfitters Jessica G., UT
Alberta Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Hunt with Willmore Outfitters Armon Z., SD
Alaska Moose & Grizzly Combo Hunt with Lance Kronberger Mark C., NV
Utah Paunsaugunt Mule Deer Hunt with North Rim Outfitters Kent W., CO
Nevada Unit 111-115 Elk Hunt with Timberline Outfitters Jerry J., WA
NWT Dall Sheep Hunt with Arctic Red River Outfitters Marty L., OR
Central California Tule Elk Hunt with Doug Roth Jeffery E., CA
Utah Private Land Rifle Bull Elk Hunt with Josh Horrocks Kevin L., AZ
Sonora, Mexico Mule Deer Hunt with Buro Crazy Outfitters Jason W., MI
Montana Free-Range Bison Hunt with Mossback Outfitters John P., CA
NWT Mountain Caribou Hunt with Arctic Red River Outfitters Mike S., WI
Missouri Whitetail Deer Hunt with Tails of the Hunt Outfitters James W., SD
Last Chance Brown Bear Hunt Clint H., CA

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