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2019 Membership Drive Winners

January Prize Montana Elk Hunt Tyler W., MT
January Prize Wyoming Deer/Antelope for 2 James S., GA
January Prize Alaska Moose Hunt Roy F., PA
January Prize Texas Aoudad Hunt James Z., NM
January Prize Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt Phil F., PA
February Prize Montana Elk Hunt Michael G., UT
February Prize New Mexico Elk Hunt for 2 Ricky G., CA
February Prize Kodiak Island Mtn Goat Hunt Ryan W., MI
February Prize Utah Mule Deer Hunt and Rifle Package Michael M., TX
February Prize Alaska Brown Bear Hunt Paul H., TX
March Prize New Mexico Antelope Hunt Paul S., MO
March Prize Utah Mule Deer Hunt John K., WA
March Prize New Mexico Elk Hunt For Two Evelyn C., OR
March Prize New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunt DJ S., CA
March Prize Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt Mark T., CO
April Prize Kansas Trophy Whitetail Hunt Ron G., AZ
April Prize Colorado Mountain Lion for 2 Hunter Kevin C., PA
April Prize Colorado Mule Deer for 2 Hunters Roger H., UT
April Prize Alberta Canadian Moose Hunt David W., CO
April Prize Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt Lisa D., IA
Early Summer Prize Tanzania Cape Buffalo Hunt for 2 Ken R., MI
Early Summer Prize Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt Russell M., TX
Early Summer Prize Alaska Caribou and Grizzly Bear Combo Hunt Daivd M., MN
Early Summer Prize Utah CWMU Elk Hunt Jay H., CA
Early Summer Prize Alberta Mule Deer Hunt for 2 Rocker H., CA
Early Summer Prize Kodiak Blacktail Deer Hunt for 2 Jacob M., CA
Early Summer Prize Montana Black Bear Hunt Jeff M., CA
Early Summer Prize California Hog Hunt for 2 Derek Z., CA
July Prize Nevada Unit 231 Elk Hunt Tim F., AR
July Prize Utah Private Land Mule Deer Hunt Michael H., VT
July Prize Texas Axis Deer Blackbuck Combo Hunt Tim B., WI
July Prize Red Rock Precision and Tract Optics Gear Package Scott S., DE
August Prize Montana Trophy Elk Hunt Ron B., CA
August Prize Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunt Rich H., NJ
August Prize West Texas Aoudad Hunt Jason W., MI
September Prize New Mexico Unit 34 Elk Hunt Marcus G., OR
September Prize Private Land Utah Rifle Mule Deer Hunt Justin M., MT
September Prize Hawaii Axis Deer for 2 Vince B., CA
October Prize Alberta Trophy Canadian Moose Hunt Michael A., MD
October Prize New Mexico Trophy Antelope Michael K., DE
Build Your Dream Hunt Grand Prize Winner Jeremy W., NV
November Prize Colorado Eastern Plains Mule Deer Hunt Terry S., NM
November Prize New Mexico Trophy Aoudad Hunt Michael T., ID
December Prize Yukon Stone Sheep Hunt Ron B., TX
December Prize Utah Trophy Elk Hunt Bradley K., IA
December Prize Colorado Mule Deer Rut Hunt Mark M., PA

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