Archery/Rifle Black Bear Hunt

Archery/Rifle Black Bear Hunt in Saskatchewan

  • HFEO133
  • Canada
  • Saskatchewan
  • May 2020 - June 2020
  • Archery/Rifle
  • Bear - Black
  • Isaiah Joner
  • (435) 865-1020
  • Active
  • 12/5/2019
  • 90%
  • 6-7'
  • Easy
  • $3,595
  • $3,595.00
  • No
Licenses and Permits
  • General (OTC)

Hunt black bears in northcentral Saskatchewan. This outfitter has exclusive outfitting rights to over 400,000 acres of lakes, creeks, and rivers all encompassed by a continuous forest comprised of spruce, pine, and aspen. This region is known for large boars and a high population of color phase bears. These 6-day spring and fall hunts are conducted from a modern cabin camp. Hunters will be transported to their stands with trucks and ATVs. Most stands are ladder type.

Hunt Length

6 or 10 days

Hunt Types
  • Endorsed Outfitters
  • Private-Land
  • Fully-Guided
Hunt Methods
  • Baited
  • Ground Blind
  • Treestand
  • Lodge
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • License
About Outfitter

This outfitter's black bear hunting operation is located in central Saskatchewan, Canada. They have outfitting rights to over one million acres of prime black bear habitat. Their area has every ingredient for producing massive black and color phase bears. The hunting area includes large amounts of Saskatchewan farmland, thick boreal forest, and numerous bodies of water, including lakes, creeks, and beaver lodges. Large, mature bears regularly roam the hunting grounds, giving their clients an excellent opportunity to harvest the trophy bear-of-a-lifetime.


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