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JEFF WARREN PROFESSIONAL HUNT ADVISOR A s you are reading this latest Soapbox, there is snow in the high country here in Utah and the early deer, elk, moose, and antelope seasons are behind us. The 2017 hunting season is halfway gone! I hope your personal hunts have gone well and you have had great success. I would be a bit lean if I depended on wild game meat to eat as I have a growing stack of unused carcass tags sitting on my desk. With that being said, I still have several quality hunts ahead of me in November and December, so hopefully I can hit pay dirt on a few critters. I have seen some great animals on my recently concluded hunts, but because of some bad luck, shifting wind currents, the sixth sense big game seem to always have, and some questionable shooting, I am 0 for 4 at this point. I was reflecting back on my season while glassing for mule deer a few days ago, and I caught myself smiling numerous times recalling all that had taken place while my sons, grandsons, and I were chasing opportunities at deer and elk. I have had as much fun this year scouting and hunting as any year in recent memory. We have hunted together as a family many times in the last three months, and that is very rewarding. It is the most important thing to me at the stage of life I am in right now. This year has reinforced to me the importance of opportunity type hunts that can be depended on every year when the fall seasons roll around. There is absolutely no reason to sit at home and not hunt because you didn’t draw a coveted tag somewhere. The Huntin’ Fool staff is dedicated to finding information about and letting our members know of the many hunts that are available around the country that they can participate in, regardless of where they are in the points game from state to state. There are ample opportunities to hunt big game every year while you wait for that high point draw hunt in a premium unit you are dreaming of hunting someday. If you look back at previous Huntin’ Fool issues from 2017, you will see the effort we have put into informing you of hunts that can be done now. Rest assured that we are going to continue to focus on hunting opportunities that are available to those of you who are unwilling to wait years just to draw a tag. It goes without saying that we will also continue to 6 JEFF’S SON, JOSH, AT CAMP WITH HIS COLORADO MUZZLELOADER BUCK cover in great detail the premium and highly sought-after units in each state, but let’s face it, drawing those tags is tough and getting tougher. Every Huntin’ Fool PHA has gone on or will be going on hunts this season in states and units we have never set foot in, and that is by design. We are excited about sharing the information with you that we gain from these boots on the ground hunts. Life is short, and there are no guarantees on how much time we get. Attack every opportunity that presents itself, and drink in every drop of the experience. We look forward to hearing from you after this hunting season. Remember to take the time to take good photos of your experience. The photos you take today become priceless as time marches on. JEFF’S SON, NIC, AND GRANDSON, NIXON, WITH A UTAH GENERAL TAG MULE DEER