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JERROD LILE L HUNTIN’ FOOL CEO ast month, I had the privilege of participating in my first Membership Drive drawing as a Huntin’ Fool staff member. I’ve enjoyed reading the hunt winners’ stories since they were first published in the magazine more than a decade ago. However, the excitement among the staff members is literally palpable on the day of the drawing. Experiencing that firsthand was incredible. Most of the passionate hunting staff members here at Huntin’ Fool have never had the privilege of going on these world- class hunts themselves, myself included. For a few hours on the day of the drawing, we’re living vicariously through the excited voices we hear on the other end of the phone. The reactions we heard during this drawing ranged from tears, to expletives, and even to the joking threat that one lucky hunt winner was going to have to pull over because he thought he was having a heart attack! Clearly, the Membership Drives create revenue for Huntin’ Fool, but we design them to create opportunities for our members as well. In light of this, we are considering significant changes in the upcoming Summer Membership Drive. Internally, we have discussed a lot of ways to try to improve the experience for participants while at the same time increasing membership participation in these events. However, what we really desire is YOUR feedback. We sent a link to a Membership Drive survey via email on March 7 th . Additionally, we have the survey posted on the new “Feedback” page of our website at feedback. Whether you participate regularly in these drawings or you have never participated at all, we’d love to know what you think we’re doing well and what you think we can improve. I assure you that no comment will go unread and every response will be considered as we craft the plan and PREVIOUS MEMBERSHIP DRIVE WINNER KEVIN JOHNSTON WITH HIS NEVADA ELK purchase the hunts for the Summer Membership Drive. In the meantime, I hope you are finding the word “Successful” on some of your dream hunts as the draw results continue to trickle in. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! SEE PAGE 22 FOR THE LIST OF WINNERS! 6