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APPLICATION TIPS S TA F F A R T I C L E SHANDI MARTINEZ W LICENSE APPLICATION SERVICE MANAGER e had a great response to the License Application Service giveaway for a New Mexico elk hunt. wanted to personally congratulate our lucky winner, Ricky Fuller, who has been a icense Application client for 12 years! On another note, here are some tips for applying in Utah, ew Mexico, and Montana. Please note that we ha e mo ed Oregon to our March issue. UTAH Utah R has o erhauled their website, and you can now apply right from their website rather than being directed to another page. f you’ e applied in Utah before, the online application is still ery similar to what it was before and is still pretty easy to na igate. Utah has nally changed the minimum age to apply for limited-entry and once-in-a- lifetime hunts. ow youth can apply at 11 years old as long as they turn 12 by the end of the year. This is good news if you apply your kids because you can start getting them points two years earlier now. Utah also has a discounted youth license, so make sure you get them started on points so they ha e a chance at drawing a tag someday. Utah’s hunting license is alid for 365 days, so if you time it right, you can get away with buying one license every two years. As strange as it sounds, you ha e to ha e a alid license to apply, but you don’t ha e to ha e one to hunt with your big game tag. NEW MEXICO ew Mexico has some of the highest upfront fees and some of the lowest out of poc et fees out of all the states we co er. hen you apply, you ha e to submit the entire tag fee for each species, which is pretty high for most species in comparison to other states. Howe er, if you don’t draw, you’re only out 13 per species as they e en refund your license fee if you choose. f you are applying for sheep, recommend applying for both esert and Roc y Mountain bighorn sheep. ou can apply for three choices for each and only pay the sheep tag fee once. The hunt code for Roc y Mountain bighorn ram is 1-201, and the hunt code for esert bighorn ram is 1-204. The other hunt code is for a ewe tag. Once you’ e selected the hunt code you want, you can then choose three units for each species. f you are going to hire a guide if you draw, would recommend contacting an outfitter beforehand and applying in the outfitter draw as this will give you better odds. i e us a call if you need help finding or deciding on an outfitter. MONTANA GRANT MEDLIN, ELK UTAH WITH WADE LEMON HUNTING 10 Montana has a tricky system for deer and el . For starters, they ha e eneral tags and Special tags. Special tags are the limited-entry type units that are harder to draw. To apply in the Special units, you ha e to also apply for the eneral tags, which are easy to draw. hen applying for a Special tag, you can choose to turn back your General tags for an 80 refund immediately, eep the General tags, or, if unsuccessful for Special el , re uest a refund for the DAN SCHILLING, 89 2/8" ANTELOPE NEW MEXICO WITH JACK HUNTLEY eneral el tag and eep the eneral deer tag. n the end, if you don’t want to use the eneral tags, you end up paying about 200 to build points for deer and el . These are pretty expensi e points, and it’s the only way to get points for the Special draw. ew for 2017, if you apply for an archery only permit, you must purchase a 10 archery stamp. The system will allow you to apply for an archery only unit without it, but you will be re ected if you don’t purchase it. Montana ma es it optional to participate in the point system. recommend buying the 20 bonus point for the Special draw, but you should s ip the 50 preference point for the eneral draw. Montana only offers a points only option for the eneral draw. For e erything else, you ha e to apply and be unsuccessful in the draw to gain a point. f you run into any issues when applying, gi e us a call and we’ll ta e care of it for you. Be aware that we ha e a new rush fee on deadline days, so if you want us to apply you for any state, don’t wait until the ery last day.