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There are a number of different communication tools available to today’s hunter. Most hunters are concerned about safety and that is the primary reason satellite based communication devices are so desirable for remote endeavors like hunting and fishing where other systems don’t provide coverage.

Satellite coverage for most commercially available services is extremely broad and is known as the “footprint.” There are actually four satellite networks that are commercially available and support portable devices on the ground. 


ThExplorer Satellite Iridium Goe Huntin’ Fool is proud to be partnered with Explorer Satellite Communications. We trust them on our hunts to allow us to reach out to loved ones while deep in the backcountry when we are without service for miles.

Explorer Satellite turns your smartphone into a satphone! You must check out the new line of Iridium Go devices

Explorer Satellite offers sales and rentals of satellite phones to allow you to spend more time in the field without being disconnected. Equipment is sent directly to you, fully-charged with easy-to-understand instructions so you can hit the ground running.

Plus Exclusive Perks for Huntin’ Fool Members:

All you have to do when you call is mention that you are a Huntin’ Fool member to receive exclusive deals and discounts with Explorer Satellite.

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