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Northwest BC Trophy Mountain Caribou Hunt

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Season Dates:
August, September, October
Mountain Caribou
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1, 2 on 1
British Columbia, Canada
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
Hiking, Horses, Spot and Stalk
10 Days
Cabin, Mountain Cabin, Mountain Tents, Wall Tent

This outfitter has been in the industry for over 15 years. Their area is approx. 3300 sq. miles and is considered to be one of the best hunting areas in all of Canada. With little resident hunting pressure to 95% of the outfitter concession, it remains country that is remote and untouched, with no riverboat access as well. This makes for a great experience for clients, and everything has to be flown in via floatplane or long horse pack trains doing the off-season and during hunts (when applicable). There are approximately 70 Lakes (lots of which have great fishing), 1 River, which offers floatplane access, and they have established camps throughout their entire area.

Caribou hunts are generally the same as horse moose hunts. This is a backcountry horseback hunt! The caribou population is one of the better locations in BC. The largest bull the outfitter knows of scored 426 B&C net. You will get up high and glass or ride around and bump into them. It's fairly straight forward. The guides know where they tend to hang out and will take you there. We want mature bulls so passing up the smaller or younger ones is expected. Most caribou are day hunts from a base camp, but on occasion guides will want to spike out and stay in the “patch” longer. Again make sure to communicate with your guide if you wish to do something or visa versa. In August, the Caribou are scattered and found higher on the ridges. By mid to late-September, the animals have grouped up and are found at lower elevations on the plateaus. In order for a caribou to be legal in this area, it must have 6 top points or 5 top points and 1 back (rear) point. Season opens in mid August. The outfitter has a lot of areas and camps. Some spots change as time moves on and moving locations mid-hunt is normal. Guides will use their discretion when it’s time to move to a new area, so trust them. You never know if a moose or caribou will be first so always be prepared to shoot. Every year they take animals while riding on horses. Caribou will often walk right up to check out what’s going on. Caribou generally like the open country and willow flats. Be ready at all times as things happen quickly!

This area is also very well known for its exceptional Canadian Moose (both quality and numbers), and is also arguably one of BC’s top Mountain Caribou locations. They also have some very good Stone Sheep hunting, and a healthy Rocky Mountain Goat population. Wolves and Wolverines are in the area, and the occasional Black Bear seems to show up as well. The elevations of the lakes and rivers range from 2,000 – 5000 feet, and most of the mountains in the area are rough and steep, with the highest peaks reaching up to between 7,000 & 9,000 ft.

Upon arriving at their meeting location, clients are met by their team and prepped for departure into their concession via float plane or vehicle. Modest accommodations and great food will be provided at their base camp throughout your stay. They have an amazing team of guides, wranglers and other supportive staff that returns each year. Clients say that their work ethic and commitment to providing a standup service is evident in everything they do.

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Boat, Camping Equipment, Charter Flight(s), Cooking Equipment, Field Preparation of Trophies, License, Lodging, Meals, Misc. Gov. Fees, Tag(s), Taxes, Trip Transportation
Airport Pickup and Dropoff, CITES Export Permit, Firearm Permit, Gratuities, Hotel, Trophy Expediting/Handling, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling)

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$24,000.00 10 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
All Inclusive Horseback Hunt!

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$22,000.00 10 Days Outfitted, 2 on 1, Guided
All-Inclusive Horseback Hunt