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Press Release

Huntin' Fool Solidifies Traeger Grills Partnership

Huntin’ Fool, the premiere hunting resource company, is thrilled to announce the partnership with Traeger Grills. For 30 years, Traeger has been the leader in wood pellet grills and has continued to grow in their respected marketspace. Both Huntin’ Fool and Traeger understand the importance of using the best technology, offering the best support, and growing a strong outdoor recreation community. According to Huntin’ Fool CEO, Wade Kelson, “This partnership is a perfect fit for both Huntin’ Fool members and Traeger grill customers. Nothing brings families and friends together like good food and the outdoors.”

Huntin’ Fool empowers the members of the hunting community to acquire the best hunts, to prepare its members for those hunts and to share the outstanding outdoor experiences. Now, with Traeger’s partnership, Huntin’ Fool can also bring the best choice of meal preparation, especially when out in the field. Traeger offers a wide variety of grills, pellets and accessories and offers daily recipes free to those who visit their website. Traeger is a partnered sponsor of the Huntin’ Fool Truck and has donated the Traeger Pro Series 34 Grill as an addition to the Diesel Sellerz-build ultimate hunter’s base camp.

Traeger Grill Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah will be hosting the Huntin’ Fool Rebranding Party December 1st, where Traeger and Huntin’ Fool VIPs will celebrate Huntin’ Fool’s new look and website. After this date, Huntin’ Fool will be able to offer Traeger discounts and grill giveaways to all its members.

Watch for more Huntin’ Fool and Traeger Grill partner updates on each of their websites, and, as well as on each of their social media Instagram and Facebook outlets - @builtohunt, @traegergrills