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Optical Myth-busting | Aperture vs Field of View Explained at Vortex

This video gives an introduction into the technical side of optics, breifly explaining the difference between Aperture of a binocular, and the field of view.

Is It Worth the Money? | Vortex Razor HD vs UHD 10x42 binos

In this video we dive into the differences between the Vortex Razor HD and Razor UHD binoculars, and talk about what you're actually getting for the increase in size, weight, and price.

Glass for Every Budget | Choosing a 10x42 Binocular from Vortex

Not all 10x42 binoculars are created equal, and the price tags show that! We went to the Vortex headquarters to get a detailed rundown of their 5 different options.

Hunting Tripods: Our Picks for the Cheapest, Lightest, and Best All Around!

Garth and Brady take four different carbon fiber tripods including the new Sirui ST-124 and talk about what they like and dislike. There's a lot of options out there for tripods, but they definitely think they found a favorite!

Did We Find A Tripod head to beat the VA-5??? (for hunting optics)

That's right, we think we have found a tripod head to beat the Sirui VA-5! We took a large array of different heads and tested them all to see what we liked and didn't like. There was one very clear winner.

Our goal was to find the lightest, smallest, and most affordable fluid head that could still handle the weight of a spotting scope. Product links are below!

MagView Digiscope Adapter Overview

Austin Atkinson goes over the functionality of the MagView Digiscope adapter. It's a new and convenient way to connect your phone to any optic.

Purchase at:

Lightbar Headlamp Review: Will this replace your normal headlamp?

Garth Jenson talks about why he chose a Lightbar headlamp, and what he uses it for.

Lightbar Sport Headlamp:
360 Lumens
1800 mAh Battery

Lightbar Pro Headlamp:
500 Lumens
3000 mAh Battery
Red Light

Lightbar Case Bundle Pro:

NEW Vortex Rangefinder Comparison! Which one is right for you?

Crossfire vs. Diamondback vs. Viper. Vortex just announced their new lineup of rangefinders! In this video we walk you through each model and what you can expect.

Aziak Equipment Bino Clamp Review

Jerrod Lile goes in depth on his experience with Aziak Equipment's Bino Clamp. 

Purchase the Bino Clamp at

Aziak Equipment reimagined the binocular adapter to increase your hunting success in the field. With the ultra-lightweight Bino Clamp, quickly slide your binos from their harness, click them onto a tripod or monopod, and enjoy shark free stability to pick over every window through the trees and sagebrush.

Weighing 0.3oz, you won't even notice the Bino Clamp is there. Integral to the base of the socket is an Arca-Swiss detail, the most common tripod attachment on the market. A threaded socket is included for attaching any other tripod quick-release plate. The Bino Clamp mounts to the barrel of your binoculars in seconds, and its sleek, low-profile design allows it to live on your binoculars in their harness or case. The Bino Clamp comes in four different sizes to fit nearly all models of binoculars.

Simple, stable, low profiles, and ultralight - the perfect solution for more effective glassing.

Advisor Insights: 2022 Mathews V3X Review

Hunt Advisor Jerrod Lile reviews the new 2022 Mathews Archery  V3X. 

The V3X is equipped with new Bridge-Lock™ Sight Technology to enhance balance, patent-pending Stay Afield System (S.A.S™) to keep hunters in the field, and built compatible with a completely redesigned line of LowPro™ Quivers. The V3X system elevates the performance of Mathews’ most popular hunting bow to date.

14 -day Alaskan Moose Hunt Gear Dump with List | ADVISOR INSIGHTS

Download your gear list at the link below. 

After 14 days in Alaska hunting moose, Hunt Advisor Garth Jenson dumps his gear and walks through the changes he would make next time.

Advisor Insights | KUIU Gear Bags Review

Hunt Advisor Garth Jenson discusses how to maximize your use of KUIU accessory gear bags.  

Zip Dry Bags
Small: 6"x3"x3" ; 60 cu in. ;.0.4 oz ; $18
Medium: 9"x3"x3.5" ; 120 cu in. ; 0.5 oz ; $24
Large: 15"x7"x3" ; 425 cu in ; 1.4 oz ; $30
purchase at 

Roll Top Dry Bags
X-Small: 8.25"x12.6" ; 0.8 oz ; $18
Small: 9.3"x17.7" ; 0.9 oz ; $20
Medium: 11.2"x17.7"; 1.2 oz ; $24
Large: 13"x23.6" ; 1.6 oz ; $29
X-Large: 17.12"x31.5" ; 2.4 oz ; $40
XX-Large: 20"x33" ; 2.7 oz ; $46
purchase at 

Extreema Bags
Small: 8.66"x4.1"x2.55"; 90 cu in.; 1 oz; $19
Medium: 16.7"x9.25"x4.3"; 664 cu in.; 4oz; $29
Large: 22.2"x11.22"x4.7"; 664 cu in; 5.3 oz; $49
purchase at 

Advisor Insights | Headlamp Gear Review

unt Advisor Isaiah Joner discusses the pros and cons of the best headlights in the business. 

KUIU Jacket Insulation Comparison (Super Down Ultra, Kenai Ultra, Super Down Pro) | ADVISOR INSIGHTS

A comparison of three hunting puffy jackets from KUIU (Super Down Ultra, Kenai Ultra, Super Down Pro) and Jerrod's take on when you should use each one. We also quickly test noise levels and look at how the jackets repel light rain and snow. 

Although these three hooded jackets are brand new, Jerrod has been using KUIU insulation layers for years, and has spent many days and nights in them.

Checkout the article here:

The Last Wall Tent You'll Ever Buy | ADVISOR INSIGHTS: White Duck Alpha Wall Tent

Join Advisor Garth Jenson with the White Duck Alpha 16' x 20' Wall Tent in Southern Utah! See all the differences that this tent has compared to its competitors.
This specific model also has two separate stove holes in either corner for cold weather hot tent camping! 

Vortex Diamondback HD 15x56 Binos | ADVISOR INSIGHTS

Austin Atkinson compares the latest Vortex Diamondback HD 15x56 binos to several others from Vortex, including some 18x56 Razor UHD binos.

More info here:

A long range riflescope made for hunters, Vortex LHT | ADVISOR INSIGHTS Review

Vortex just released their brand new Razor LHT (Light Hunter Tactical) scope, and we've come to the conclusion that it's one of the best affordable long range scopes out there. This is definitely a product worth checking out!

How to choose a backpacking spotting scope | ADVISOR INSIGHTS: Lightweight Spotter comparison

There have been some pretty great lightweight spotting scopes released lately, we thought we'd grab a few and see how they performed! In this video we cover Kowa, Vortex, Leupold, and Maven.

2020 Hunting Packs

We took six of the Huntin' Fool Advisors, and paired them with 6 of the more popular hunting packs on the market. Each pack was loaded with 50lbs of salt, set on the backs of every advisor and carried over rough terrain. In this video they go over what they like about each pack, and what could use some improvement. We couldn't cover everything in this video, so if you're interested in one of the packs go checkout our individual pack breakdown video, where we go over individual features and functions.

5 Steps to E-Scouting

Jerrod Lile has been successfully hunting archery elk for years. In this video he walks you through his E-scouting methods, using the Huntin' Fool map, Google Earth, and local state data. He covers his 5 basic steps to making a fool-proof hunt plan, that keeps you in the game even when things don't go as planned.

Hilleberg vs First Lite Nemo, Ultimate Ridge tent review! | Advisor Insights

We took two newly released ridge tents from Hilleberg, and FirstLite, and did a quick overview of both.  Note these are both quite different tents, but have similar uses. If you don't have time to watch, here's a quick pros and cons list.

Hilleberg: $595, 3.08lbs.
Pros: Large, Double Walled, Durable, Rainproof
Cons: Weight, Difficult to setup, Requires Trekking poles (can be strung up on trees as well)

First Lite Nemo: $459, 1.7lbs
Pros: Lightweight, Easy setup, Well engineered
Cons: Small, Single walled (condensates), Delicate

Mount your Sheds! | ADVISOR INSIGHTS: Rack Hub

If you've got years worth of sheds lying around... They're probably going to stay that way. That's why Rack Hub invented their antler hanging system to show off your trophy finds, or kills, in a classy and simple way. Even a guy like Jerrod Lile can figure it out, so there's no excuse! Check it out at

PhoneSkope vs PhoneCam, which one do we use? | Advisor Insights

A breakdown of the differences between PhoneSkope and PhoneCam. Both have very similar filming functionality, however there are some differences in the construction and streamlined design of the two.

Fire Starter of the 21st Century!!! | ADVISOR INSIGHTS: Pyro Putty

You've seen it all over Instagram, we figured we'd see if Pyro Putty lived up to the hype! See if Austin can get a good fire going in the high country rain while we try to glass up a desert bighorn sheep.

KUIU vs Mystery Ranch Backpacks | ADVISOR INSIGHTS with Isaiah Joner

Isaiah Joner talks about the Kuiu 5500, Mystery Ranch Metcalf, and Mystery Ranch Beartooth. We plan on doing a more in depth review on the new Beartooth after a little more use.

Vortex Fury 5000 vs Leica Geovid HD-R Binoculars | ADVISOR INSIGHTS with Jerrod Lile

Jerrod Lile takes a look through the new Fury 5000 range finding binoculars, and compares them with his Leica Geovid HD-Rs. Given the quality, price point, and warranty Vortex offers, these binos are hard to beat.

Crispi Colorado GTX : Why Garth is running this boot for 2019 | ADVISOR INSIGHTS

Hunt Advisor Garth Jenson has been testing the Crispi Colorado GTX Boot, and will be using it on most all of his hunts for 2019. The wide toe box, moderate stiffness and support, and excellent grip make this boot a fantastic all around high country hunting boot.

Mathews Vertix Review, First Shots and Setup | ADVISOR INSIGHTS with Jerrod Lile

Jerrod Lile sets up and shoots the new Vertix bow from Mathews. This bow is shorter than what he often shoots, but there's no doubt it will make a deadly weapon in tight quarters.

HF Review: Crispi Nevada CTX Boots

See what Austin thinks about his Crispi Nevada boots after a busy fall season.

Vortex Fury 5000

Austin at the Vortex Optics booth to see the new Fury 5000 rangefinding binoculars from