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Grueling Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunt | THE ADVISORS: Pinnacle

Alaska is predictably unpredictable. The only obstacle larger than the rugged mountains is the ever-changing weather. In this film, Austin Atkinson, Jessica Byers, and Larry K. attempt to harvest two mountain goats in the rocky peaks of the Kenai Peninsula. Rain, wind, flooding, and cloud cover all add up to make this hunt a unique challenge.

Kodiak Island Blacktail Hunting & Fishing Adventure | THE ADVISORS: Blacktail Pirates

Kodiak offers a unique opportunity for world class hunting and fishing on the same trip. Knowing this, Huntin' Fool planned a trip with some friends from LaCrosse Footwear for the adventure of a lifetime while testing their new Ursa MS boot. Weather was good, company was great, feet were dry, and the hunting was unforgettable. 

Idaho Archery Elk Hunt | THE ADVISORS: Wapiti

When you think about western hunting, there is one animal that always tops the list - Rocky Mountain Elk. Jerrod has been chasing these beautiful animals for over 35 years, and continues to commit his fall to at least one archery elk hunt. Watch as he tries to fill his tag on this beautiful private ranch in Idaho. 

366" Utah Bull Elk with the Expo Tag | THE ADVISORS: Dutton

Robert's son Caleb was one of the winners for the 2021 Hunt Expo drawing! He drew a bull elk tag on one of Utah's best units, Mt. Dutton. 

Remote Yukon Stone Sheep and Moose Hunt | THE ADVISORS: Long Gone to the Yukon

It only takes one ticket to win, and Terry was the one with that lucky ticket. He drew the Stone Sheep Hunt in our monthly Membership Drive Giveaway. Unfortunately, Covid put some serious brakes on his plans. Luckily, Canada opened up just in time for the season, and he had an amazing adventure in the Canadian mountains.

Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt with Sierra & Isaiah | THE ADVISORS: Weather Permitting

Mountain Goat hunting has been a dream for both Sierra and Isaiah since they started hunting. They both got lucky and drew two permits for this coastal Alaska Mountain Goat hunt. They prepared for the worst, but were blessed with the best in terms of weather! Watch as they harvest two mature billies, and make it back to town right before a massive storm hits.

Two Great Colorado Bucks Down | THE ADVISORS: Double Down

Colorado has a lot of options for low point Mule Deer units. In this film, Stanton and Austin both drew a unit they had never set foot in. Follow along as they learn where the deer are hiding, and even make an attempt at some high country elk!

Archery Coues Deer From a Ground Blind | THE ADVISORS: Lessons Learned Pt. 2

"When our Huntin' Fool team decided to share some of our personal hunts through video, we had one goal in mind. We wanted our films to portray the real side of hunting. No acting, no re-creating a shot, no fancy editing to change the story. 

As any hunter knows, things never go as planned and hindsight is 20/20. In this film, I allowed circumstances to influence my decisions on how to follow up on the shot I made. As a result, the recovery was less than ideal. My hope in sharing the truth about this hunt is that others can learn from my mistakes, rather than repeating them for themselves."

- Jerrod Lile 

Archery Arizona Coues Deer Hunt | THE ADVISORS: Lessons Learned Pt. 1

Garth and Kody head down to Arizona for yet another over-the-counter opportunity at an archery Coues Deer! These small whitetail subspecies are some of the most skittish deer in North America. If you want to shoot one with your bow, you have got to be on your A game.

Utah Muzzleloader Antelope | THE ADVISORS: STANTELOPE

Stan drew a muzzleloader antelope tag just a few minutes from home, so our cameraman Brady joined him on a two morning truck hunt to try and get it done during a busy work week! 

Alaskan Black Bear and Halibut Adventure! | THE ADVISORS: BEARADISE

We got a call out of the blue, and were informed that our friends at Ninilchik Charters had a cancellation for a transported black bear hunt and fishing trip out of Homer Alaska. Fortunately, we pounced on the opportunity, and a short time later a group of friends headed north for one of the funnest trips of the season!

This was a transported trip, meaning our captain and deckhand were unable to aid in the hunt. For this style of hunt, they are basically a water taxi to drop us off where we wanted to go. Great weather gave us the opportunity to fill all five bear tags in the first two days, and we spent the remaining days catching as many fish as we could reel up.

Alaska Caribou Kill with a Bow! | THE ADVISORS: TUTTU Part 3

6 days into a drop camp caribou hunt, and Garth Jensen is still trying to get it done with his bow. This country is far from friendly to a bow hunter, but luck was on his side for this incredible hunt in the last frontier.

3 Caribou in One Day! | THE ADVISORS: TUTTU Part 2

After two days of chilling winds, the arctic weather finally began to slow, and allow for Karson Smith, Bill Batty, and Kody Smith to all connect on some beautiful bull caribou. You don't get many days like this, but when you do, you'd better take advantage of it! 

DIY Alaskan Caribou Hunt | THE ADVISORS: TUTTU Part 1

5 friends embark on a self guided Alaskan caribou hunt north of the Arctic Circle. We got dropped off at the base of the mountains by Golden Eagle Outfitters, and faced heavy winds throughout the first few days. We all had tags, but the camera man ended up pulling the trigger on the first bull of the trip! Part 2 and 3 will be out soon, and you won’t want to miss them!

Montana Wilderness Bison and Elk Hunt | THE ADVISORS: Dinosaur

Robert Hanneman and his son Colter embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Colter was lucky enough to draw one of the best Buffalo tags in the state. Many miles and unknown obstacles lay ahead as they saddled up the horses and started out on the trail, but this hunt quickly turned from one of the most stressful trips of the year to a journey they all knew they'd never forget. 

Idaho Archery Moose hunt in Early Winter! THE ADVISORS | Sleds & Broadheads

When Jerrod found out he drew his once in a lifetime Idaho bull moose tag, he said right away that we wouldn't be filming it. He expected a long, drawn out adventure that he would likely have to do solo, and that's exactly what he got. After multiple close encounters on his own he came back to Idaho late in the season, with his good luck charm, and cameraman, Brady. November presented them with fresh snow and tough weather, so they geared up with a wall tent and a couple of snowmobiles to get the job done.

Crazy Arizona Early Rifle Elk Hunt | Where do we go from here?

One of our good friends Bill Batty got lucky enough to draw a coveted Arizona rifle elk tag. It was a tough hunt, but on day 5 we spotted an incredibly unique bull, and began the chase. Luckily we had the A3 crew to help us out, and Bill got it done on the last day of his hunt!

Colorado Landowner Tag Mule Deer Hunt | It Adds Character

HF Chairman John Makoff and Landowner Tag Specialist Logan Hedges head over to Colorado to fill a landowner tag they purchased through Huntin' Fool. The weather is warmer than expected and the bucks are scarce, but they manage to get it done after a couple days.

Last Minute Montana Black Bear | Chasing Chocolate

Hunt Advisor Isaiah Joner joins friend and co-founder of MTN OPS Casey Harbertson on a Montana bear hunt. Weather is temperamental and the bugs are atrocious, but after passing multiple nice black bears, Casey finally finds the big ol' chocolate boar he came for. Five days later, after the camera guy gave up, Isaiah and his friend both find beautiful mature black bears as well.

Arizona Desert Sheep Youth Hunt | Pass it On

Hunt Advisor Robert Hanneman, and his son Connor head to Southern Arizona to chase one of the most coveted species in the US. Connor's grandfather drew a Desert Sheep tag, and passed it down through Arizona's Youth Hunter Transfer program to Connor. We found some great sheep on the first day, and it turned into an amazing hunt!

Dall Sheep Guide's Life | Right Place, Right Time (Part 1)

Austin Atkinson returns to the Last Frontier to guide dall sheep for his 10th consecutive year. Thanks to capable hunters, good weather, and thorough scouting, all four hunters tagged out on opening day! Follow Austin and Scott on a dream hunt through the beauty of these remote mountains.

Dall Sheep Guide's Life | What are the Chances (Part 2)

Luke Cranney has been guiding sheep in Idaho for 11 years, and packing in Alaska for 2. Everything lined up, and he got the chance to go on a hunt of his own. However, unlike many sheep hunts they had little scouting done and decided to take off with backpacks loaded. This was a true adventure hunt filled with bad weather, beautiful animals, and uncanny good luck. Follow Luke, Austin, and Brady on an experience they will never forget.

Shandi's First Elk in Idaho | It's About Time

After more than a dozen years of faithfully applying thousands of Huntin' Fool clients and helping them draw dream tags, Shandi Martinez, our License Application Manager, finally drew a tag of her own! The film starts on the fourth day of a very physical hunt. Join her and Jerrod as they set out to capitalize on her first elk tag!

Braxton's First Archery Elk | The Elk Dance

Follow along as our Outfitter Specialist, Braxton Byers connects on his very first elk! After many days in Montana, with little luck, the bulls finally started talking. Braxton capitalized on the first opportunity he could! This film captures the frustrations of hunting, but reminds us that more often than not, good company is what makes the hunt.

Colorado Rifle Mule Deer Hunt | Careful What You Wish For

Chasing second-season Mule Deer in the Colorado high country with Garth Jenson and Isaiah Joner. Weather was a huge factor on this one, and it proved to be one of the years' most difficult hunts. Experience hunters get frustrated on this hunt when things just don't work out.

Idaho spot and stalk Black Bear | If At First You Don't Succeed

Isaiah Joner (AKA 1 eye) heads to Idaho on an over-the-counter bear hunt with some local friends. When the bears don't show up, he takes his camera man on a trip to a new area to try some new country as the season comes to a close.

Montana Mtn Goat Hunt with Ruthie | One More Last Time

Mountain Goats are one of those species that feed your soul. The landscapes they inhabit, and their captivating lives engulf you in their world. In this film, Jerrod Lile takes his wife Ruthie on the hunt of a lifetime, in a place that he never thought he'd get to see again.

Late season Arizona Elk Hunt | White Tines

Austin guides Matt Schindele on a cold and windy elk hunt in the rim country of Arizona. After seeing the weather report, it’s clear that the elements will play a big part in the success of this hunt.

Nevada Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt | Ewe Thought Wrong

Join Austin Atkinson as he travels to the Nevada desert to help keep the Desert bighorn sheep population in check. A hunt riddled to be quick and easy, Austin is faced with a tougher hunt than he had planned! The bow is thrown aside and the rifle comes out as the season comes to a close.

A public land archery mule deer hunt | 4th and Long

Join Jerrod Lile as he revisits his bowhunting roots on an over-the-counter late archery mule deer hunt. It was a long shot to fill his tag with only two days to learn a brand new unit but with a little luck and a tip from a Huntin' Fool member who had hunted an earlier season on the same unit, he managed to convert on a 4th and long.