THE ADVISORS: White Tines in Arizona

Austin guides Matt Schindele on a cold and windy elk hunt in the rim country of Arizona. After seeing the weather report, it’s clear that the elements will play a big part in the success of this hunt.

THE ADVISORS: Ewe Thought Wrong

Join Austin Atkinson as he travels to the Nevada desert to help keep the Desert bighorn sheep population in check. A hunt riddled to be quick and easy, Austin is faced with a tougher hunt than he had planned! The bow is thrown aside and the rifle comes out as the season comes to a close.

THE ADVISORS: 4th and Long

Join Jerrod Lile as he revisits his bowhunting roots on an over-the-counter late archery mule deer hunt. It was a long shot to fill his tag with only two days to learn a brand new unit but with a little luck and a tip from a Huntin' Fool member who had hunted an earlier season on the same unit, he managed to convert on a 4th and long.