THE ADVISORS: One More Last Time

Mountain Goats are one of those species that feed your soul. The landscapes they inhabit, and their captivating lives engulf you in their world. In this film, Jerrod Lile takes his wife Ruthie on the hunt of a lifetime, in a place that he never thought he'd get to see again.

THE ADVISORS: If at first you don't succeed

Isaiah Joner (AKA 1 eye) heads to Idaho on an over-the-counter bear hunt with some local friends. When the bears don't show up, he takes his camera man on a trip to a new area to try some new country as the season comes to a close.

THE ADVISORS: White Tines in Arizona

Austin guides Matt Schindele on a cold and windy elk hunt in the rim country of Arizona. After seeing the weather report, it’s clear that the elements will play a big part in the success of this hunt.

THE ADVISORS: Ewe Thought Wrong

Join Austin Atkinson as he travels to the Nevada desert to help keep the Desert bighorn sheep population in check. A hunt riddled to be quick and easy, Austin is faced with a tougher hunt than he had planned! The bow is thrown aside and the rifle comes out as the season comes to a close.

THE ADVISORS: 4th and Long

Join Jerrod Lile as he revisits his bowhunting roots on an over-the-counter late archery mule deer hunt. It was a long shot to fill his tag with only two days to learn a brand new unit but with a little luck and a tip from a Huntin' Fool member who had hunted an earlier season on the same unit, he managed to convert on a 4th and long.