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Outdoor Edge RazorBone Knife

October 2020
Author: Austin Atkinson

Built off the proven and trusted RazorSafeTM replaceable blade system, Outdoor Edge once again raises the bar with the RazorBoneTM. This knife merges big blade performance with folding knife convenience in a compact, lightweight multi-blade set to bring your game from the field to the freezer and everything in between. Three different blade styles work in unison to field dress, skin, debone, and prepare fresh venison into family size portions. The RazorBoneTM includes three 3.5" drop-point blades, two 5.0" boning/fillet blades plus the new gutting blade to open game like a zipper without piercing vital organs. All replaceable blades are constructed from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel and individually vacuum sealed to protect them from the elements while keeping them razor sharp until the moment of truth arrives. The structured nylon sheath features a divider to store extra blades and houses a blade storage box to pack out all three blades once the job is complete. Make the CutTM and go from field to freezer with the new RazorBoneTM from Outdoor Edge.

“With five children at home, I look forward each hunt to bringing home fresh meat for my family and I take pride in taking care of the meat in each step of the process from the field to our kitchen. A critical piece of gear for this process is a comfortable, sharp, and user-friendly deboning knife. The new RazorBone from Outdoor Edge has about everything you need! I was lucky enough to use this knife to process my archery mule deer last month in Utah. I was impressed with the shape and sharpness of the skinning and deboning replaceable blades. It is definitely a knife to be added to my field processing kit for the rest of this season.” – Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $64.95

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