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2024 Alaska Trophy Moose Rut Hunt

  • $32,000 VALUE | SEPT 12-20, 2024 | ANY WEAPON

    This trophy Moose rut hunt takes place in the northern end of Wrangell St. Elias National Park with HFA Endorsed Outfitter HFA431. This outfitter holds a couple concessions with the Park and has an outstanding reputation for finding and killing trophy Moose in this area. The winner of this hunt will arrive at their lodge a day before the hunt and be flown into camp via Super Cub. They will hunt on foot from camp each day, looking for a trophy Moose. When they are successful, the outfitter will fly in the packers and fly the hunter back to the lodge. Historically, clients have gone nearly 100% on killing Moose. The average bulls in the area are 60”+, and some over 65”+ are killed each year. All charter flights during the hunt are conducted by the outfitter or his sons and are included in the hunt package. This is your chance to hunt with an outfitter that typically is booked years in advance on this very hunt!

    Membership Drives are only open to legal residents of the United States of America and the District of Columbia (U.S.), excluding Florida, New York and Washington and legal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec.
    Entry Period 04/03/24 - 04/30/24
    Drawing Date 05/03/24
    Winner's Responsibility Winner is responsible for travel to Slana, AK, hunting license ($160), tag fees ($800), and gratuities.