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Washington Bighorn Sheep

For this year, there will be 24 total ram permits available, a decrease of six from last year’s permit numbers, including California bighorn sheep and the two Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep permits. Even with some of the worst draw odds in the West, Washington attracts sheep hunters everywhere because of their trophy quality for California bighorns and the new Rocky Mountain bighorn draw hunts. All of the permits are up for grabs in the draw each year with no separate non-resident quota. In the 2021 draw, Washington had over 35,000 individual applicants for bighorn sheep permits, an increase of over 3,000 applicants from the previous year. Permit winners should keep in mind that there are a few tribal permits available each year that are in addition to the permits issued through the state draw, so there may be an additional hunter or two in most units.

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The Yakima Canyon herd (Umtanum and Selah Butte units) currently has detected pneumonia pathogens, and the permit allocations in the past were aimed at reducing the herd size. Currently, the Department is capturing and testing live sheep to remove those that test positive. Unfortunately, a new outbreak of pneumonia occurred in 2021 and herd management efforts must be put on hold until the impact of the outbreak is understood. All of the ewe, juvenile ram, and youth permits were eliminated for the Selah Butte and Umtanum (Yakima bighorn herd) bighorn sheep hunts for the 2022 season. The only hunts with ewe permits available this year will be in the Cleman Mountain, Lincoln Cliffs, and Chelan Butte units. The only juvenile ram hunt available this year will be for disabled hunters only in the Chelan Butte unit.

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For non-residents wanting to hunt bighorn sheep, make sure that you consider the Washington Wild Sheep Foundation raffle for one Rocky Mountain permit. Each entry only costs $20 and is a chance at a ram-of-a-lifetime!

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Application Dates for Bighorn Sheep in Washington

The Washington Big Game deadline is May 19, 2022.

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Washington Non-Resident Bighorn Sheep Hunting Fees

2022 Washington Non-Resident Fees
Up-Front Fees
Special Permit Application (per species category) $110.50
Special Permit Application - Youth Under 16 (per species category) $3.80
Post Draw Fees (if successful)
Adult License
Bighorn Sheep, Shiras Moose, or Mountain Goat $1,652
Youth License
Bighorn Sheep, Shiras Moose, or Mountain Goat $57


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