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Nevada Bighorn Sheep Hunting


Nevada Bighorn Sheep Hunting

Nevada has three different species of sheep – Rocky Mountain bighorn, Desert bighorn, and California bighorn. Non-residents can apply for both Desert bighorn and California bighorn this year. Residents can apply for all three species. Again for 2022, there will not be a non-resident Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep tag available.

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Bighorn Sheep Draw

Non-residents can apply for a Desert bighorn ram tag, a California bighorn ram tag, and a Desert bighorn ewe tag. You can potentially draw both ram tags in the same year. You are only able to draw one Desert bighorn sheep tag per year, but the ram tags are drawn before the ewe tags. If you are on the waiting period from drawing a ram tag, apply for a ewe tag. 

Any hunter who draws a bighorn sheep tag is required to attend a mandatory bighorn sheep seminar available online.


Desert (Nelson) Bighorn Sheep

In 2021, Nevada issued a total of 320 Desert bighorn sheep ram tags. Of those tags, 30 went to non-residents in the main draw. Hunters averaged 83% harvest success statewide on rams, with 18 of those scoring over 168" and three giants scorings 179", 180", and 181 1/8". 

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Overall, Nevada’s Desert bighorn population is doing well, but it has its share of issues. There have been a few die-offs in the past in units 183, 205, and 207, but the populations have stabilized. The extreme drought has been tough on some of the sheep in southern Nevada and drinkers were going dry last year, so the Department started hauling water. There have been some dead sheep found from the drought, but the population is still over objective. 

Non-residents will have the same 21 Desert bighorn ram hunts to choose from again this year. Nevada has a wide array of options for Desert bighorn hunts. Some units are your typical Desert sheep habit, and in other units, you can be chasing rams at 10,000 feet in elevation. Nevada is a state that has something for everyone. If you want to draw a Desert bighorn sheep tag, you need to be applying in Nevada. They give out more non-resident Desert bighorn sheep tags than any other state.

Another option to pick up a tag is the first-come, first-served list. Last year, seven Desert sheep ram tags were turned in and reissued to hunters on the firstcome, first-served list. Another opportunity for non-residents is the Desert sheep ewe hunt. In 2021, non-residents drew 12 Desert sheep ewe tags. 

California Bighorn Sheep

In 2021, Nevada issued 59 California bighorn ram tags, 5 of which went to non-residents. Hunters averaged an 86% success rate. The biggest ram killed checked in at 165" and was taken in unit 068. This unit has produced the biggest ram for the last three years. There were nine California bighorn rams taken in 2021 that scored over 160".

For 2022, non-residents will again have units 012, 032, 034, 035, and 068 to choose from. With only five California bighorn sheep units to choose from, most people will apply for all of them. California bighorn sheep draw odds are considerably more difficult than the odds of drawing a Desert sheep tag in Nevada. New for 2022, there is now a Silver State Tag for California bighorn sheep.


Self-Guided Bighorn Sheep Hunts

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Private Land, Semi-Guided, and Guided Bighorn Sheep Hunts 

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Application Deadline

The Nevada application deadline is May 10, 2022 at 11:00 p.m. (PDT).

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Up-Front Fees
Hunt/Fish Combo License (365-day license) $156
Youth Hunt/Fish Combo License (365-day license) $16
Application Fee (all species except elk) $14
Silver State Tag Application Fee (all species except elk) $24
PIW Application Fee $11
Bonus Point Only Fee $11
Post Draw Fees (if successful)
Bighorn Sheep (ram or ewe) $1,201