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Bakcou Mule eBike

May 2021
Author: Jerrod Lile

This beast is built to pack like a mule with the suspension and gearing to get you there fast. On a quick trail ride or a week in the backcountry, the Mule can handle anything you throw at it. It was designed and engineered around the unparalleled power and performance of Bafangs Ultra mid-drive motor. The Ultra motor is widely recognized as the “diesel engine” of mid-drive motors! It’s all metal, heavy-duty gearing combined with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor makes this the most capable, durable, and efficient motor on the planet.

The Ultra motor is also referred to as a “smart motor.” The speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensors provide continuous feedback from the rider to the motor. This allows it to deliver exactly what you ask. What you get is a very natural feeling ride, even while providing a tremendous amount of torque and power output.

“I’ve had a lot of riding experience on every major eBike in the hunting space. All of them will blow your mind the first time you ride them, and all of them are game changers on hunts where they are legal. However, on some level, they are still a heavy, expensive bike that will take significant abuse in hunting conditions. With that in mind, you want an eBike that is built to last. That’s why I went out of my way to visit the Bakcou warehouse and showroom to meet one of the owners when I had the opportunity to test their Mule eBike on my Idaho moose hunt. I was hoping to meet an owner who was equal part biking and hunting fanatic, and that’s exactly what I found. You need a technical biking background coupled with extensive hunting experience to create the ultimate western hunting eBike.

After putting well over 200 miles on this bike in some incredibly rough terrain, the Mule lived up to its name and held up to multiple wrecks, battery charges that ranged from solar panels to portable inverters, and heavy backpack loads that were made much lighter with the battery assistance the bike provided. Furthermore, the accessories were incredibly friendly for my hunts. I was especially surprised with the solid bow carrier that made me feel like the most important part of every trip was in great hands at all times. I believe that Bakcou is here to stay and to support your purchase with parts, accessories, and service that will keep your investment hunting for years to come.” – Jerrod Lile, Huntin’ Fool CEO and Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $4,798
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