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Gunwerks Elevate Bipod

October 2023

The Gunwerks Elevate Bipod is the most capable hunting weight bipod anywhere. Punching far above its weight class, the Gunwerks Bipod offers features and versatility of bipods twice its weight. Its carbon fiber and billet aluminum construction maintains strength and durability, while remaining light enough to carry on any mountain rifle. The patent-pending NeoLokTM picatinny attachment allows instant on-off without the hassle or risk of catching that comes with levers and knobs.
With a minimum deployed height of 5.5" and maximum height of 19", it offers the widest range of height adjustment of any lightweight bipod – ready for shots from low prone to near sitting-height. Quick-deploy legs lock open with a tap, so no need for fumbling around for levers or buttons. Double extending legs offer both wide range of height options with the twist and pull leg and quick fine-tuning of height with the 12-position spring-loaded inner leg.

  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Lightweight carbon fiber design
  • Leg splay adjustment
  • Adjustable cant with ratcheting tensioner
  • Replaceable feet
MSRP: $375
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