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Weatherby Mark V High Country

November 2023

Building on the popularity of the ground-breaking Backcountry 2.0 series, the High Country takes the next step in the Mark V lineup, adding a lightweight vertical grip option. The Peak 44TM BastionTM is a vertical grip carbon fiber stock that weighs in at just 24 ounces, making it one of the lightest vertical grip stocks on the market today. The Bastion features dual front swivel studs to allow for multiple attachments and the recoil- reducing 3DHEX® recoil pad. Hidden inside the pad are a series of interlocking voids that progressively collapse during recoil, expanding the time component of the recoil impulse and deadening the sharp kick of magnum chamberings. 

The High Country is built on the classic steel Weatherby® Mark V® action and is equipped with a lightweight, spiral fluted #2 contoured barrel. The spiral flutes cut weight and help with heat management. The #2 contoured barrel is the perfect combination of rigidity and lightweight, making it extremely accurate and built for performance. Spiral fluting on the bolt body trims weight, but it also reduces bearing surface within the action and results in a smoother function. The threaded bolt handle is equipped with a lightweight skeletonized knob. 

The spiral fluted barrel is threaded and fitted with Weatherby’s highly-effective Accubrake® ST. With 30 symmetrically-spaced ports that help harness the recoil, it tames even magnum chamberings and makes them pleasant to shoot. 

MSRP: $2,699

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