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It's About the Experience

April 2023
Story by Jim Teeter
State: Kansas
Species: Deer - Whitetail

I am an avid hunter and have been for 30+ years. I started using Huntin’ Fool several years ago and have accumulated a fairly nice portfolio of preference points. Being from Texas, I get extremely excited about whitetail. Two years ago, I had Shantel put me in for Kansas whitetail. I did not draw and did not use Huntin’ Fool to secure my outfitter. I thought, “If they can get me the tag, I can use Google and find an outfitter.” Big mistake, one which I’ll never make again. I secured, with a deposit, an outfitter that I will refuse to name. I did not draw that year, but the outfitter assured me I would draw the next year and I agreed for him to hang onto my deposit.

It was a happy day for me when I drew unit 12/14 rifle for 2022 Kansas whitetail. I had continuous communication with my outfitter for months prior to my hunt. I sent him pictures of my tags, and he sent me trail cam pictures on several different occasions. I wanted reassurance from them of when my hunt was to take place. I received a text stating, “November 30-December 4.” Four days prior to my hunt, I called the outfitter and made known that I needed an address of where to meet him. He texted me the address. I happened to be in Missouri visiting my elderly parents and told my father, “Something just doesn’t feel right about this.”

I phoned the outfitter and he answered. His comment was, “I’m sorry, Jim, but I just don’t have any room for you.” My heart sank. I had just returned from New Mexico on a mule deer hunt in which I was unsuccessful in harvesting an animal (Shantel drew that tag for me as well!), and I was super stoked about Kansas. I didn’t know what to do. I called a friend of mine who is an outfitter in the panhandle of Texas, and he told me to load up and he would come hunt with me.

As I left Missouri, I kept telling myself that I did not want to burn my Kansas tag. Thank the Lord for Josh Harris of Huntin’ Fool Adventures. I called him and told him the story. He was flabbergasted, to say the least. I was almost to Joplin when Josh told me to pull over, sit tight, and give him about 30 minutes to work on this. I’m a religious man, and I believe things truly happen for a reason.

Josh called a friend of a friend of friend who just so happened to know a landowner in unit 14. This landowner just so happened to have his Super Slam. Josh called me back within 30 minutes and said, “I’ve got this all worked out for you, but you need to head north ASAP!” Josh was so excited for me. The outfitter the landowner set me up with was Charlie Rhoades with Country Rhoades Outfitters in Carbondale, Kansas. This was the best hunt I’ve been on. Thirty minutes in the stand and a 150" popped out pushing three does. Bang!

Sometimes it’s not always about the harvest but more about the experience. Charlie, Parker, and Joe have become friends for life. None of this would have happened without the expertise of Josh Harris. I will never go on a hunt again without consulting my friends at Huntin’ Fool. Thank you for all you do for me!