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Huntin' Fool Showcase

September 2018
Story by Kurt Fetzer
State: Nevada
Species: Sheep - Desert

At 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day 2017, I completed my Grand Slam with this Desert sheep from the Muddy Mountains (unit 268) in Nevada. The ram had 15 1/4" bases, grossed 172", and should qualify for B&C. I was one of four non-residents who drew a tag in unit 268, and it took me nearly 30 years to draw. I had an awesome team with me on the mountains, head guide Roy Lerg, assistant guide Chris Callinan, and my hunting buddy, Murray Padgett.

After spending several days with Roy, scouting and hunting, it was easy to see why he is such a legend. His knowledge, strategy, and innate instincts about how to successfully hunt Desert sheep are truly remarkable. We hiked into and covered a lot of ground in the backcountry and saw a lot of sheep in very rugged country, which made for a very enjoyable and rewarding hunt.

I would like to thank all of my previous outfitters and guides and my friends for all of their efforts and assistance in making it possible for me to complete this goal.