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Get Something That Looks Interesting

March 2018
Story by Todd Trudell
State: Colorado
Species: Deer - Mule

I was hunting in southern Colorado on private land. This was my fourteenth year hunting there, and this was one of the nicest animals I've harvested. Usually, there are six guys in camp and I'm always the first one to shoot and end up with the smallest buck. Well, not this year!


After a slow opening day, I landed this dandy on the second morning, and what a beautiful morning it was. With the sun just about to crest the skyline, I spotted two nice bucks hanging together by some brush. I glassed them and realized they were shooters. I put my 270 on the classic 4x4 and then saw the second buck step forward. It looked at me, and it was then that I decided to take him. He just had something different about him. My grandson always tells me to get something that looks interesting. After the 314-yard shot, I realized I had done just that.


As I walked up to this majestic beast, my heart was pounding like crazy. When I put my hands around the antlers, I knew there was no ground shrinkage. My grandson was proud of me!