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June 2018
Author: Vanessa Hunt

At Huntin’ Fool, we’re always looking for new and better ways to help our members. In this age of technology and social media, podcasts have become a forefront of information for an innumerable number of topics and entertainment. With that being said, we are proud to add the Built to Hunt Podcast to our arsenal of information distribution. Our podcast is a great resource for specific hunting information.

We are podcast consumers ourselves and know that most podcasts are too hard to consume in one sitting and it is difficult to go back to an episode and find key pieces of information. When we started the Built to Hunt Podcast in March, we went into it with the idea that we wanted to keep them short, 15-30 minutes at most, to provide you with another resource to find the most accurate and up-to-date hunting information out there and allowing you to absorb critical pieces of information throughout your day. The episodes are tightly focused and centered around topics that we hope will interest you. We try to keep 80% of our podcasts under 30 minutes, but the other 20% will cover overviews of topics, such as Montana elk, which will take up more time because they cover such a wide spectrum of information.

The podcast episodes are hosted in our office by our panel of experts, otherwise known as our Hunt Advisors, including Robert Hanneman, Austin Atkinson, Garth Jenson, Jerrod Lile, Logan Hedges, Isaiah Joner, and Stanton Upson. That way, you are getting information straight from the guys who are doing the research. This podcast is a great way to gather information before you call in to talk to a Hunt Advisor and get even more detailed information.

Some of the topics that have been covered so far in our podcast are Montana deer and elk applications, Montana’s limited-entry elk hunts, Idaho sheep, Montana’s limited-entry deer units, a Kodiak Sitka blacktail unguided hunt in Alaska, an Arizona draw application strategy, Colorado’s draw application changes and strategy, and more! When we release a podcast episode, we make sure the topic is relevant to the current application deadline and/or hunting season.

You can find the Built to Hunt Podcast on your favorite listening app, such as iTunes, Google Play, and more. It is free and open to all listeners, not just Huntin’ Fool members. If you’re interested in more information about our podcast, listen to Episode 1: Introduction to the Built to Hunt Podcast from Huntin’ Fool. After that, take a look at the episodes available and see which ones hold the information you’re looking for. We’re excited to provide this additional resource to hunters to continue to help them get out on more hunts, have more experiences in the field, and take their family and friends out on hunts to make memories of a lifetime. If you need help with your upcoming 2018 season, give our Hunt Advisors a call at 435-865-1020. Good luck this season!