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May 2018
Author: Vanessa Hunt

Huntin’ Fool offers many great benefits to members, but one of the most important is the Member Draw list. This list can save countless amounts of time and money on scouting and research. We offer this benefit to give members the ability to get boots-on-the-ground information and to encourage more communication between the Huntin’ Fool community. If you’re looking for great insight on the next tag you draw, the Member Draw list is one of the first resources you should enlist.

In order to receive a Member Draw list, you must first draw or purchase a tag. The reason to wait until you actually have a tag is because your name will be put on the list for the next year, and we want to ensure you can provide the same helpful information to another member that members are providing to you for your tag. Once you have drawn a tag, there are two ways to request a Member Draw list – call the Huntin’ Fool office at 435-865-1020 or go online to member/memberDraw.php. With the request, you will be asked to provide specific information about the tag to make sure you are sent the correct list. This information includes state, species, unit/hunt number, weapon, and season dates.

Once your request has been submitted, it is verified by a Hunt Advisor to ensure all of the information has been input correctly and the list that matches your tag is being sent to you. The list is usually emailed out, but if you are unable to receive emails, you have the option to have the list mailed to you. However, you will receive the list in a much timelier manner if you do so by email. The Member Draw list provides you with firsthand information for your unit, which can be critical to your success. It allows you to talk to other members who have hunted the exact same tag you have. If you draw multiple tags for the upcoming season, you can request a list for each tag you draw.

There are thousands of contacts within our Member Draw Database. This helps facilitate communication within the Huntin’ Fool community. In addition to all of the benefits of a membership, it’s great to see members helping each other out. They provide important hunt information, such as what not to do in the unit, transportation, lodging, areas to look in to, gear, packers, etc. Overall, the Member Draw list is a resourcegathering tool that ranges from information on what to take with you to where to glass opening morning.

While most members on the Member Draw list will be willing to help you and share information that they learned on their hunt, it is important to keep in mind that they may not be willing to divulge specific locations or strategy on hunts that are relatively easier to draw. Do your research and have your maps ready when you call a member off of the list and you will both have a great experience.

When you draw a tag this season, save yourself some time and money by requesting a Member Draw list. It is one benefit you can’t afford to miss. To request a list, go to our website or give us a call at 435-865-1020. Good luck this season!

"Without the list of members who had this tag in previous years, I would not have known where to begin. I made calls to members, and they were so helpful. I was able to get access information to the unit, which was critical to begin with. Then they would share their experiences and I could figure out from there where the bucks were this time of year." - Dean Weinland

"My next call was to Huntin' Fool. Now I was on an information hunt, and I started with a request for names of past hunters who had hunted my unit. Jessica was on top of it. In just a few short minutes, she had a list of Huntin' Fool members who had hunted the unit and it was on its way to me... After receiving the list, the next step in my hunt for information was to make contact with the hunters on the list, and they were an absolute gold mine of information." - Rob Larsen

To request your Member Draw list, call 435-865-1020 or go to