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October 2023
Author: Austin Atkinson

Every ounce matters on long backcountry hunts where the terrain and the elements can make each step a slog, but hunters are not willing to sacrifice exceptional performance to save on weight. For them, the Razor® HD 13-39x56 spotting scope is the ideal solution, blending premium optics and a compact form factor.
Glassing on the move doesn’t get any better. At just 10.4" long and 28.6 oz. for the angled model (11.1" and 29.5 oz. for the straight), the Razor® HD 13-39x56 fits your pack and the way you hunt. Rapid deployment is a snap thanks to a compact, snag-free design highlighted by a helical focus wheel, giving you total control over this spotter’s wide field of view.


  • HD Optical System – delivers brilliant edge-to-edge color and clarity in all light conditions.
  • Compact Design – Incredibly packable without sacrificing optical performance.
  • Helical Focus – Snag-free for faster, easier packing and mounting.
  • Arca-Swiss Compatibility – Fits most tripods out-of-the-box for mount-and- go convenience.
  • Wide Field of View – Perfect for covering vast landscapes.
“Picture this, a spotting scope that meets your expectations, clocking in at just under 2 pounds. Whether you’re setting out for a day of hunting or gearing up for an extended 10-day backpack expedition, this is the game-changing solution you’ve been waiting for at a price point that won’t break the bank. Finally, there’s a way to assess antlers or horns from a distance without sacrificing precious pack space to accommodate a 65 or 85mm scope. Enter the new Razor compact scope, a design that revolutionizes convenience, ensuring you always have a reliable spotting scope by your side, free from the encumbrance of oversized glass.

Granted, the light-gathering ability and magnification of this compact scope might not match that of its full-size counterparts. Yet, I am certain that once you put this scope to use in the field, you’ll find yourself declaring, ‘This is more than sufficient.’ Having taken it on three hunts this year alone, including a glass critical hunt to locate legal Dall sheep amidst the Alaskan mountains, I’m a complete convert.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my 85mm Razor spotter still has its place, especially when I’m in close proximity to the vehicle or engaging in stationary glassing. However, mark my words, when I fasten my backpack to embark on a lengthy day hunt or a multi-day venture, this compact spotter is my glass of choice alongside my trusty chest-carry binoculars.

Recall those moments in the wild when your binoculars leave you straining to decide whether that distant buck or bull warrants a closer look. This spotting scope addresses such issues, catering to the needs of weight-conscious backpack hunters like never before. Yet, the true brilliance lies in the value it delivers. If the notion of parting ways with your 80mm spotter has ever crossed your mind, seize this opportunity to jump into a new era of agility and performance.” – Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $1,299.99

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