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October 2023
Author: Austin Atkinson

This ultra-lightweight, sit-to-stand tripod weighs a mere 33 oz., yet offers unparalleled stability thanks to its innovative inverted leg design. Engineered for the modern hunter, the Tricer-AD is a model of versatility, compatible with both optics and rifles. It handles any gear with ease, making it an essential addition to your hunting equipment. What sets the Tricer-AD apart is its speed of deployment. With all twist locks strategically located at the head, it’s the fastest tripod to set up in the market.

·      Carbon fiber construction
·      Inverted legs
·      Tricer-AD Tripod
o   23" folded length
o   64" max height
o   Weight: 33 oz. with 16" center column
o   Weight: 32 oz. with 4" center column
·      Tricer-BC Tripod
o   17" folded length
o   40" max height
o   Weight 27oz. with 9" center column
o   Weight 32 oz. with 4" center column
·      Tricer-LP Head
o   Arca-Swiss compatible
o   Weight:4.5oz.

“Over the last decade, I’ve become a collector when it comes to tripods. I’ve transitioned from those budget-friendly, aluminum photography tripods to the heavy-duty behemoths capable of having an elk quarter hung from them. Throughout these trials, I’ve found myself content with tripod leg designs but never quite satisfied with all the features. It’s a different story when it comes to lightweight tripod heads. I’ve wrestled to find one that strikes the right balance between fluid motion and compactness.

Upon first laying eyes on the Tricer-LP pan head, you might be skeptical about its ability to handle glassing duties. Allow me to set the record straight. It’s nothing short of amazing for its size. Tricer USA has truly shattered expectations with this 4.5 oz gadget. Rain or shine in Alaska, the head maintained its smoothness and stability. Our demands are simple, right? A stable head that locks in place securely, refusing to shift when tightened, and refraining from drooping when we release the handle. Not to mention, it shouldn’t be a burden in terms of size or weight. Yet, it should still be robust enough to hang a water filter bag from while we’re stationed at base camp. In essence, regardless of the tripod legs you’re devoted to or the brand you already have, a Tricer-LP head is a must-have to place atop your setup.

For my needs, I decided the extra height offered by the AD model tripod was the way to go. Crafted from carbon fiber, these inverted legs are incredibly light. This inverse design twist means that the thickest leg segment sits at the base, in contrast to most competitors. When folded, its overall diameter matches that of a Nalgene water bottle, ensuring it fits neatly in your pack or securely strapped to the side, saving precious space. However, here’s the crucial distinction, this isn’t just another photography tripod brand trying to cater to hunters. This is a hunting brand that’s laser-focused on tackling hunters’ challenges head on. If you haven’t gotten your hands on one yet, consider this your cue to snag one for the upcoming season. Your setup will thank you.” – Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $349 (AD Tripod) • $339 (BC Tripod) • $189 (LP Head)

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