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October 2021
Author: Robert Hanneman

KUIU, the leading manufacturer of ultralight performance hunting gear, is proud to announce the release of their redesigned Chugach TR Rain Gear Series. This line is the brand’s latest offering of highly breathable, packable rain gear for ultralight hunting. This new and improved streamlined design offers lower weight/bulk when packed, and with the addition of TORAIN technology, the waterproofing, durability, and breathability have increased, making for the perfect set of packable rain gear for unsupported backcountry hunts.

“The original KUIU Chugach raingear has been with me on hunts all over the West. I honestly feel this gear has outperformed any other raingear I’ve ever used, so when I learned KUIU was upgrading the Chugach raingear, I was beyond excited to try it out.

One of the first things I noticed was how much lighter and less bulky the new Chugach TR rain jacket and pants were. They are nearly 20% lighter than the original Chugach gear. This is significant when it comes to those backpack hunts where weight is critical. By reducing the number of seams, they were able to make it lighter weight and create less areas for the gear to leak or fail. With the TORAIN TR technology, they were able to make the gear lighter, more waterproof, and more resistant to abrasion and tears.

The Chugach TR raingear fit me well, and with the four-way stretch, I didn’t notice any binding or resistance when hiking. If you prefer a looser, more relaxed fit or if you are planning to wear multiple layers, I would consider going up a size. I have always worn the XL, and in the Chugach TR, it still fits fine, but it is a more athletic fit than the original Chugach gear. I am excited to put it to use this September chasing caribou in Alaska.” — Robert Hanneman, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: Jacket – $299, Pants – $249

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