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May 2021
Author: Paul Damron

Fundamentally, the most important element to e-Scouting is data. Without a doubt, data can make or break your entire e-Scouting session. Not all data is equal, usable, or sufficient. It really takes some time to review data given to or shared with you. Let us do that for you. We have packed a ton of data for you to explore and ultimately use to make critical decisions.

On top of data included in our mapping app to help you, you can also add your own data (waypoints, paths) through our add data option. You can import kml files into your data management system. It's really simple to do so. Click on the “Import/Export” icon to the left and follow the next steps. We have made it easy for you.

After importing kml data into your account, it will appear in the “My Data” panel. It will import everything into a single folder. From there, you have the ability to move new waypoints and paths around to new folders or existing ones.

We have also added an option to share your data with other Huntin’ Fool members. As long as you know their username, you can share directly with them. No need to export and email the file separately.

To wrap up and review, we have added the following options to use your own data:

·      Create your own waypoints and paths

·      Share your data with other HF members

·      Import kml files to your account

·      Export kml files to email to others

We have added these options to help maximize your e-Scouting session. Take advantage of our mapping minutes on our Youtube channel as well. As always, happy mapping!