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August 2022
Author: Garth Jenson

The Bridger Low Hikers weigh in at just over 2 pounds of bedrock-like support and “bring it on,” water-tight durability that keeps breathing for you all day long. Whether you’re pushing your limits on the trail or knocking around town, these will be your warm weather go-to boots that will stretch into fall with a good sock. Locally designed and tested in our Bozeman, Montana backyard.

“If you like the freedom of a low-cut boot but want the stiffness of a hiking boot for your hunts, this is a good boot for just that. I originally thought this boot was going to be more flexible in the footbed but soon realized that it had a stiffer sole/footbed that was more in line with Kenetrek’s hunting boots. In fact, the Bridger Low has more in common with their traditional hunting boots than a trail running/hiking boot. The high arch support and pronounced heel pocket that sets Kenetrek apart from other hunting boot manufacturers is exactly what these low hikers have. They are perfect for hiking trails and have an aggressive enough outsole to handle mud and steeper portions of the trail safely without slipping and sliding. There are lighter weight options out there for trail hiking boots but not many that are built this solid and heavy duty. If you love the fit and feel of your Kenetrek boots, you will love these.” – Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor


·       Lace-to-the-toe, super-light leather and nylon uppers cushioned for all-day comfort

·       Kenetrek Supportive Footbeds provide foundational arch support and a pronounced heel pocket

·       Highly breathable, water-tight construction

·       Protective rubber sheath and heel guard supply superior abrasion resistance

·       Weight-bearing, full-length nylon midsoles atop high-traction Kenetrek KT-light outsole

MSRP: $250

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