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November 2020
Author: Austin Atkinson

Idaho offers a wealth of hunting opportunities, and it has been a great state for a last-minute planning hunt with many general tags available for big game. However, we do not recommend waiting until spring or summer to plan your Idaho hunts as the demand for non- resident tags has drastically increased over the past couple of years. See the sections below for more information about obtaining your tag early before they are sold out!

Although Idaho offers over-the-counter tag opportunities, non-residents are limited to a statewide overall quota for all general season hunts. Progressively, these tags have sold out earlier each year for the past four hunting seasons. It is no longer a safe option to wait to purchase your tag right before the season begins. Keep in mind that residents are not limited by an overall tag quota for Idaho deer and Idaho elk, but are allowed to buy non-resident tags as second tags after August 1st if non- resident tags have not sold out.

If you intend to apply in the 2021 draw for controlled hunts, keep in mind that you can still purchase a non-resident general elk or deer tag on or after December 1, 2020 and you can later exchange the general tag for your controlled tag if you are lucky enough to draw a controlled hunt. The following table contains the 2020 tag quota as well as the sellout dates to give you an idea when you should look at buying your tag this year. Sales open at 10:00:00 a.m. MST on December 1, 2020 online at the ID Fish & Game website.

Idaho continues to push the limits on their non-resident fee structure with more increases recently passed by the Idaho state legislature that will become effective next month on December 1, 2020. These fees increased drastically for youth hunters and for all muzzleloader and archery hunters with the required permits. Idaho also still requires an additional 2%-3% transaction fee for all online orders. A non-resident adult wishing to archery elk hunt in Idaho will now be over $955 for their license, tag, permit, and fees.

Zone/Tag Type 2020 Tag Quota 2020 Sellout Date
Bear River - B Tag 55 Dec 1, 2019
Diamond Creek - A Tag 459 Dec 1, 2019
Salmon - B Tag 627 Dec 3, 2019
Elk City - B Tag 261 Jan 7
Selway - B Tag 284 Jan 31
Dworshak - B Tag 215 Feb 3
Elk City - A Tag 77 Feb 28
Middle Fork - B Tag 267 Mar 23
Weiser River - B Tag 430 April 10
Middle Fork - A Tag 174 May 11
Sawtooth - A Tag 77 May 11*
Sawtooth - B Tag 197 May 11*
Lolo - A Tag 216 Jun 17
Lolo - B Tag 222 Jun 17
Selway - A Tag 254 Jun 17
*Sawtooth Zone tags were not available until May 11th. Beginning this year, Sawtooth Zone tags will be available at the same time as other tags on December 1, 2020.

Non-Resident Tag Sellout Dates
2020 Elk June 17
Deer June 26
2019 Elk August 16
Deer August 27
2018 Elk September 24
Deer October 4
2017 Elk October 31
Deer October 23

Item New Price Old Price
Adult Hunt License & Access Fee $195.00 $164.75
Youth Hunt License & Access Fee $95.75 $35.75
Sheep/Moose/Goat Application Fee $45.75 $41.75
Elk/Deer/Antelope Application Fee $18.00 $14.75
Sheep/Moose/Mtn Goat Tag $2,626.75 $2,101.75
Adult Elk Tag $651.75 $416.75
Adult Deer Tag $351.75 $301.75
Adult Antelope Tag $342.75 $311.75
Adult Black Bear Tag $231.75 $186.00
Wolf Tag $31.75 $31.75
Junior Mentored Elk Tag (10-17 years old) $299.75 $39.75
Junior Mentored Deer Tag (10-17 years old) $176.75 $23.75
Junior Mentored Black Bear Tag (10- 17 years old) $116.75 $23.75
Archery Permit $81.75 $20.00
Muzzleloader Permit $81.75 $20.00

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