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Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunting


Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunting 2024

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The majority of Wyoming’s bighorn sheep reside in the northwestern portion of the state surrounding Yellowstone National Park. The areas they call home are typically rugged, mountainous, and physically challenging but offer hunters a truly unique experience in some of the most scenic and stunning country in the West. Much of the sheep habitat in this part of the state is within designated wilderness areas, and non-resident tag holders will need to consider booking with an outfitter or plan to hunt with a resident guide. Another good population of sheep occupy areas in South-central Wyoming between Rawlins and Laramie throughout the rolling timbered breaks, sage steppe, and grasslands. These areas are more moderate in terrain, although access and finding land to hunt can be difficult, depending on the unit. As a whole, Wyoming’s sheep are doing well, and while it is not known as a top trophy state for bighorns, there are two or three 180"+ rams that are entered into the record book each year.

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Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Draw

With the new 90/10 split, the number of non-resident sheep tags went from 45 in 2022 to 22 in 2023, with only 1 random tag available to non-residents. With this new allocation of tags, non-residents with fewer than 20 points may want to consider not purchasing points any longer as it is going to take decades to draw a license. The final allocation of bighorn sheep tags will be decided in April at the Commission season setting meeting. The maximum number of preference points for nonresidents going into the 2024 draw is 29. Be sure to refer to the regulations when they are released to confirm which areas will be available to non-residents in 2024.

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To apply for sheep, applicants will have to submit the entire fee, but if unsuccessful, they will receive a full refund minus the application and 2.5% processing fees. Applicants not wanting to buy a point might look towards units 4 and 5 as they may have a random tag in 2024, depending on quotas. In 2021, non-resident applicants were no longer required to buy a $150 preference point when applying for sheep. This was a nice option for those wanting to apply for one of the available tags in the random draw units without paying for a point. Expect the random draw odds to be extremely low with only one or two tags available in the state.

Every year, we take a lot of calls from our members asking if it makes sense to continue to build sheep and moose points in Wyoming. It is an expensive investment, and trying to get a realistic expectation of whether or not you will ever draw a preference tag involves many variables. The biggest of these is how many points you are currently sitting on and how old you are. With the recent change of sheep and moose tag allocation to the 90/10 split, this decision is tougher than ever. The Wyoming legislature voted down a bill that would have made sheep and moose a bonus point system instead of a preference point system in 2023. This system would have allowed applicants more of a random draw for all licenses available. With the bill failing to pass, WGFD is going to continue with the current preference point system.

As you review our data in the tables, you will notice the columns titled “Largest Ram Taken” and “Average Ram Taken.” When we calculate this data for the largest ram, we take the best side of the largest ram that is not broomed heavily on the other side and its corresponding bases. For average size, we added all of the horn lengths and circumferences of the left sides and averaged them. Give us a call if you have any questions about bighorn sheep hunting in Wyoming.

Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Seasons and Dates

Lucky hunters who draw a sheep license can also purchase an archery license and begin bowhunting approximately 15 days prior to the opening of the regular rifle season. If a hunter does not fill their license on the archery season, they can still hunt the rifle season.

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Self Guided DIY Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Hunts

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Private Land, Semi-Guided, and Guided Bighorn Sheep Hunts in Wyoming

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Application Dates for Bighorn Sheep in Wyoming

The application deadline for bighorn sheep is 11:59 P.M. MST on April 30th, 2024.

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Wyoming Non-Resident Bighorn Sheep Hunting Fees

(Fees do not include the $15 non-refundable application fee or the 2.5% processing fee on the total transaction amount.)
  Youth Regular Special Youth Regular
Bighorn Sheep   $2,335   $150 $150
Moose   $1,997   $150 $150
Mtn Goat   $2,177   $150 $150
Bull Bison   $4,417   N/A N/A
Cow/Calf Bison   $2,767   N/A N/A
Elk $290 $707 $1,283 $10 $52
Wolf   $187   N/A N/A


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