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“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles."


Huntin' Fool Adventures Outfitter Specialist

I was born in Jupiter, Florida back when it was still a sleepy fishing town on the South Atlantic coast. Some of my earliest memories were fishing from the inlet seawalls, beach piers and local intracoastal waterways, as well as some inland Florida bass and bream fishing. Moving to Evergreen Colorado as a young teen exposed me to a completely different angling world; namely fly fishing for trout, and I quickly developed a taste for the long rod while never losing touch with my conventional tackle, warm water and inshore roots. As a teen, I studied anything I could pertaining to both fishing and hunting and that lust for outdoor knowledge has never waned.


Besides fishing, I also have a passion for hunting, mostly big game but also some upland birds, waterfowl and predators. Having said that, fishing has always been my dominant passion and over the years I really focussed on developing my skills as a multi-species, fly and conventional tackle angler equally at home in fresh or inshore salty environments. After studying aerospace engineering at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, I moved back to Colorado to obtain a general business degree with a concentration in entrepreneurship at CSU. All during college, I was fishing like crazy in both states and also hunting as time allowed. Early self-employed business success right after college opened doors to travel and tournament bass fishing, and I never looked back. 


Flashing forward to 2004, I founded Fishful Thinker LLC in Fort Collins Colorado, originally as a guide service for warm water fishing while also doing some lecturing and freelance writing on sport fishing topics. I fished local, regional and national level bass tournaments with solid success, and also coached junior and high school bass fishing teams, earning four state titles, two regional titles and finally winning Bassmaster High School National Championship on Kentucky Lake, beating out 275 other teams for the coveted prize.


The opportunity to launch Fishful Thinker TV came along in 2008 and we began airing January of 2009. Now 740+ consecutive Saturday mornings over 27 seasons later, we still air weekly. Content is multi-species, featuring a wide range of techniques on both fresh and saltwater, always with a focus on angler education.


I’ve fished all over the country, from Alaska to the Florida Keys as well as Mexico and Costa Rica and have caught most species on both fly and conventional tackle. Beside fishing and hunting, I dearly love to cook, study wildlife, and generally be outside with like minded folks. I live on the lakefront, and enjoy time on the water almost daily.