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Mathews VXR 28 and VXR 31.5

June 2020
Author: Garth Jenson

The all-new 2020 VXR is the most stable, stealthy hunting bow Mathews has ever built. Featuring a new, extended six-bridge riser, the VXR shoots like a target bow, while maintaining the maneuverability of a compact hunting rig. Both the VXR 28 and VXR 31.5 are powered by the award-winning, highly efficient, and extremely accurate Crosscentric Cam system, producing speeds up to 344 fps. Its SwitchWeight Technology allows shooters to change peak draw length and draw weight in 5-pound increments via the cam’s module instead of changing limbs.

Stealth remains a top priority on the new VXR. The new riser platform also increased cam efficiencies and enhanced the effects of 3D Damping for less noise and vibration than ever before. Another stealth feature for 2020 is the option to add the new Silent Connect System (SCS). This optional kit enables hunters to attach Mathews’ new bow rope and bow sling in the field quickly and silently. The dovetail mounting system was designed to attach the UltraRest Integrate MX™ by QAD. This compact, micro-adjust rest allows for quick and easy setup while providing precision tuning both horizontally and vertically.

“The perfect bow for me is one that is shorter axle to axle and quiet and has a smooth draw and 80% let-off. The new VXR has checkmarks next to all those boxes. With the 28” axle to axle, this bow has the advantage of being comfortable shooting from a ground blind as well being able to traverse dense cover without having it stick out the top of my pack and hang up on brush. The first thing I noticed about the Mathews VXR is how quiet it was at the shot and how the zero hand shock felt. This is a very important aspect to me as even with how fast bows have become the reaction time of an animal is faster than the arrow. The less sound that bow makes when it goes off the less frightened the animal is and the less likely it is to turn inside out cause and altered impact point. It is also slightly lighter weight than my Traverse, which is nice for backpack hunts when every ounce counts. This bow additionally comes in both 85% and 80% let-off, which is very accommodating for all hunters. It felt like Mathews designed this bow for me. This bow has really taken my excitement level to another level for this fall.”

– Garth Jenson, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: VXR 28 – $1,099, VXR 31.5 – $1,199

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