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September 2019
Author: Isaiah Joner

In June of 2019, KUIU launched its new full-featured PRO Pack System. This new line-up of a completely redesigned suspension system and bags continues the company’s legacy of innovation and refinement of providing the best ultralight hunting products in the industry. This new line-up of a completely redesigned suspension system and bags is the result of KUIU’s mission to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in weight and performance at an incredible value.
“Innovation Never Rests.” To KUIU, it’s much more than just a catchy motto, it’s the absolute driving force behind the company’s relentless pursuit to innovate and optimize the hunter’s experience. The improvements and redesign of the new PRO Packs are a product of both years of in-the-field testing and feedback from customers. We listened, we redesigned, we tested, and now have created what we believe to be the most comfortable and versatile hunting pack system available on the market today.
Let your legs be the judge of how much you can carry, not your suspension system. The system starts with a complete overhaul and upgrade to our previous models. Rebuilt from the ground up with a comfortable heavy load carrying capacity in mind, the PRO Suspension was designed to divide the pack weight equally across all areas of contact, making large pack-outs much more bearable. This new suspension is truly innovative in its feel, comfort, and customization. If you already own a KUIU pack, built in 2014 or newer, you can upgrade your current pack to the PRO suspension system.
The hip belt and lumbar are profile adjustable, offering you a totally personalized fit. The ergonomics of the profile adjustable hip belt adapt and custom fit to your specific body type and shape. Simply tighten or loosen the lower side straps and adjust the lumbar height for optimal feel and an even distribution of weight. Soft, dual-density foam has been added throughout the hip belt wings and lumbar pad to support the areas that burn most under a heavy load and to increase mobility. The integrated lumbar support is positioned slightly above the belt wings for added lower back support. Structure is added throughout the loadbearing areas of the belt to eliminate bunching and compression. The lumbar pad has 1.5” of vertical adjustability and the option of adding a 0.40” foam insert for a perfectly tailored fit.
The completely redesigned shoulder straps are wider and softer for increased stability and comfort. Against your back, the straps are positioned 2” wider than previous designs, adding improved comfort and minimizing a heavy pack from swaying or rolling as you navigate difficult terrain. The ported open-back design promotes airflow and draws heat away from your body. New next-to-body spacer mesh lining is more durable and breathable than previous designs. Built-in T-lock straps offer 4” of torso length adjustment.
The new KUIU PRO Pack is our most versatile redesign with added features, making it more robust and easier to use for backpack hunting of any game. The new center-divided side-accessible rear cargo pockets give you more storage room than ever and eliminates the need to remove your gun or bow to access the gear inside.
The pack features new reinforced Hypalon attachment yokes that link the side compression straps, allowing you to cinch the pack down tight against the frame for a sleek, low profile feel or for securing the heaviest of loads. Extremely durable 500D CORDURA® Ripstop fabric throughout adds durability for the worst conditions.
In true KUIU fashion, the goal is to make the lightest and most functional gear on the market. The new PRO Series bag designs have increased in volume capacity yet decreased in weight over the previous line of ultralight packs. PRO Pack full kit weights range from just 4 lbs. 2.8 oz. on the 1850 to 6 lbs. 0.8 oz. on the 7800, ranking them as the lightest full-feature packs in the industry.
The luxury of the KUIU pack system is that once you have a well-fitted suspension system and frame, there are five sizes of bags to choose from in the PRO line-up – 1850, 2300, 3600, 6000, and 7800. This allows you to own one suspension system and multiple bags that will support you on anything from quick scouting trips when minimal gear is needed to full-length expeditions. If you already own a KUIU pack equipped with a Carbon Fiber Frame, built in 2014 or newer, you can upgrade your kit with any of the new PRO bags.
“Garth Jenson and I just got back from a scouting trip in Colorado where we were able to put the new KUIU PRO pack to the test. We were both very impressed with the comfort of the pack with roughly 40 lbs. loaded in it along with the layout of the new bags. The padding on the new PRO straps and hip belt is much more pliable than the previous models, allowing it to form to your body, making for a snugger and more comfortable fit. The 3600 bag is a great choice for one to three-day trips, and there seems to be a perfectly located pocket for everything. KUIU has the best modularity system of any pack on the market, and that is why it continues to be my go-to pack for any hunt. I can have multiple bags that I switch out on my frame, depending on the hunt I am doing. It also allows me to use a bigger bag to pack my camp in and then switch out to a smaller bag when I am doing day hikes from my base camp.
I know a lot of people have a misconception about the durability of the KUIU pack overall, but I can assure you that you can load it down with as much weight as your body can handle and it will not break. It doesn’t matter what pack you have on, anything over 80 lbs. for most hunters isn’t going to feel comfortable. If you are looking for an all-in-one pack that you can set up for any type of hunt, I would suggest you buy yourself a KUIU PRO pack.” – Isaiah Joner, Hunt Advisor
MSRP: $149-$569
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