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Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bags

November 2020
Author: Braxton Byers

Protect your meat by reducing bacteria 8 times more than standard bags. Ensure the safety and quality of the meat you feed your family with Koola Buck Game Bags. This package contains four 10" x 48" XL stretch fitting bags for elk quarters that stretch to 36" x 60". As hunters, we process animals in less than sanitary conditions. Warm weather and dirty environments filled with leaves, hair, and other debris contaminate the surface of our game meat. Spoilage organisms begin their growth on the surface. Koola Buck cotton/poly game bags are permeated in a proprietary blend of all-natural flavorless acids derived from fruits and other bacterial inhibitors.

“At Huntin’ Fool, we are blessed to get to hunt all over the world and for multiple different species. Traveling as much as we do in different directions means some of us will be in the extreme cold and some will be in very hot climates, depending on what tags we draw and what dates those tags are good for. As such, Koola Buck has become one of our favorite game bags to carry on our trips. They have a few different sizes and styles that will fit whatever type of game you are chasing.

I like the Anti-Microbial bags the best. I hunt and guide further south where the temps seem to be much warmer. The Anti-Microbial game bags are made of a cotton/poly material that stretches around the meat very easily. The solution that they’re saturated in is a huge help for me while hunting down south as it helps fight bacteria and keeps the bugs off.

When harvesting an animal, we try and get it out of the field ASAP, but as we all know, sometimes this isn’t possible. In these situations, I like to hang the meat where air can circulate around it and help keep it as cool as possible. With the Koola Buck bags, you can tie them to a tree or small rope and never have to worry about them ripping or tearing. They are very lightweight and breathable. If you are looking for an awesome warm weather game bag or just a regular strong, reliable game bag then check out the different options from Koola Buck.” — Braxton Byers, Hunt Advisor

MSRP: $34.95

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