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Huskemaw Dual Stack Interlocking Turret

June 2018
Author: Austin Atkinson

The Huskemaw Advantage is best described as the most precise, quick, and user-friendly system pre-validated in a known environment. The Huskemaw scope is built to withstand years of use and provide reliable functionality in all field conditions. The “Heart” of the Huskemaw Advantage is the turret, which is now available in a patented dual stack interlocking configuration.
Eliminate the Guess: The HO ballistic compensation technology is the first to use proven drop data specific to your rifle and ammunition. Additionally, Huskemaw’s patented windage-enabled technology is engraved above corresponding distances in yards. These turrets, used in conjunction with the Huskemaw Hunt Smart Reticle, make an unbeatable combination. Dual stack turrets can be utilized on both the Huskemaw Blue Diamond and Tactical scope models.
Endless Combinations: The interlocking turret design provides a multitude of options. Outer turrets can be calibrated for local shooting, while the inner turrets can be built for hunts far away from home. They can be engraved for different elevations and temperatures. There is valid data 2,000 feet above and below each set elevation and 20 degrees Fahrenheit above and below each set temperature. Dual stacked turrets can also be engraved for different bullets/loads, continuous revolutions for extremely long-range shooting, MOA, meters, or a blend of the above. Essentially, one dual stack turret can handle shooting environments from 4,000 to 12,000 feet and temperatures from 10 to 70 degrees. Determining a correct firing solution is the most important factor to an accurate “one shot,” long-range hit, and the Huskemaw Advantage can provide precision accuracy quickly and easily.
“As a western hunter, you have undoubtedly found yourself in a unit that is home to a wide range of elevations and temperatures. This Dual Stack turret from Huskemaw allows you to have two quick options at the data you need to make a calculated shot. For those who want even more flexibility, you can run an MOA turret on one turret and a quick-dial yardage turret on the other. It’s the ideal solution for a western hunter, and I’ve had great luck using it on my rifle and muzzleloader hunts over the past few years!” – Austin Atkinson, Hunt Advisor
Huskemaw Blue Diamond Dual Stack Interlocking Turret – $124.99
Huskemaw 5-30x56 Tactical Dual Stack Interlocking Turret – $149.99
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