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2024 Story Contest

December 2023
Author: Vanessa Hunt

While the 2024 application season is ramping up, we are amped up to share your 2023 harvest success! To do that, we want to see your photos and your stories. Share your success with us and we’ll reward you with some amazing prizes. For the 2024 Story Contest, we’ve got some great products from our advertisers and some awesome HF swag ready to be given away. If you want your chance to win, all you have to do is submit your 2023 harvest photos and stories!


For 2024, Weatherby will continue to sponsor our Cover Story Contest. The 12 stories that are selected as covers will receive a Weatherby Mark V High Country rifle. The retail value of this prize is $2,699. On top of that, the Cover Story winners receive 20 copies of the magazine they are featured in.


Every story that is printed in our magazine in 2024 will receive a story package. These packages are valued at $200 and include HF swag and some great items from a few of our advertising partners. Items in this year’s package include Marsupial Gear meat tarps, a MTN OPS Ignite sampler, a Lightbar Pro Headlamp, Wild Tech GameGrip, Koola Buck Anti-Microbial game bags, a Huntin’ Fool water bottle, a Huntin’ Fool hat, and four free copies of the magazine.


Montana Knife Company is the new sponsor of our Trophy Room Photo Contest. Each month, the winner will receive an Olive Blackfoot knife engraved with the Huntin’ Fool logo. The MSRP of this knife is $300. These winners are selected based on the quality and composition of their photo.


Would you like your chance to receive a free Huntin’ Fool sticker? All you have to do is submit a 2023 harvest story and photos! We will reward you for taking the time to share your story with us. It’s a win-win!


There are two ways to submit your stories and photos. The preferred method is via our website at Fill in your information, upload your files, and you’re all set! We will then send you an email confirmation that we received your submission. Don’t forget to include your outfitter’s name (if you hunted with one) and to label your photos so we know who to include in the photo captions.

The second option for submitting is to email your stories and photos to Within the body of the email, please include the following information about your hunt: state, species, unit, weapon, and outfitter (if applicable). Again, you will receive a confirmation reply that we received your submission.

We hope that you’ll take the time to share your successes with us. This grows our community and connects us as we build and share memories. We’ll be watching for your submissions. We’re ready to hand out some awesome prizes in 2024!


  • The max word count for stories is 1,500. If your story is longer than that, it will have to be cut down.
  • Label all photos.
  • Send in your original photos so the resolution isn’t downsized. Anything under 1 MB is too small to print in the magazine.
  • Send in all your photos, showing the hunt from start to finish with harvest and supporting photos.
  • Avoid cropping, sharpening, and applying photo filters to your images.
  • Send horizontal scenic photos of the hunt landscape
  • Take a lot of photos so there are plenty to choose from.
  • Choose the best shots that tell a compelling story. You should be able to look at the photos and understand what is happening in the scene.
  • Use natural light whenever possible. Other than fill flash, avoid flash, which can flatten images.
  • Mix a wide range of angles and perspectives.
  • Have fun! Enjoy where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. It will show in your photos.